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Following the celebration of the International Polar Bear Week, MINI has launched the new Nanuq white paint finish on the MINI Electric.

09 Nov 2022 | International News : U.S.A

Following the celebration of International Polar Bear Week, MINI U.S.A has announced the launch of a new Nanuq white paint finish on the 2023 MINI Electric (sold as the Cooper SE in the U.S.A). The new paint colour, named Nanuq White was inspired by the name of the loveable polar bear character, Nanuq.

The campaign for the 2023 MINI Electric Cooper SE first launched in April 2022 on Earth Day, featuring a partnership with MINI U.S.A and Polar Bears International (PBI) to encourage eco-adoptions from the MINI community. In response to the campaign, MINI U.S.A received an outpouring from the MINI community with questions asking where they could get a polar bear bobble head featured in the campaign.

The colour for the MINI Electric Cooper SE, named Nanuq, was inspired by the polar bear character
The engagement of the MINI community with the polar bear character led to the idea to let the community give it a name. Nanuq - Inuit for 'polar bear' - was the chosen name, which led to the new MINI Electric Cooper SE paint colour with the same name to be revealed following International Polar Bear Week by MINI US..A.

To give that enthusiasm an even bigger impact, MINI U.S.A partnered with Polar Bears International on the 2023 MINI Cooper SE Hardtop campaign. PBI is the only non-profit organisation dedicated solely to polar bears and Arctic sea ice. MINI U.S.A's partnership aims to promote awareness of the organisation's polar bear conservation efforts.

Anyone that donates $40 or more to PBI via this page during the month of November will receive a polar bear bobblehead and a thank you card, while supplies last.

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