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Dual-motor variants of the Polestar 2 now get rear-biased power delivery, while single-motor variants are now rear-wheel drive.

25 Jan 2023 | International News : Sweden

Polestar has revealed the facelifted Polestar 2 all-electric fastback.

The car's exterior remains largely unchanged, however, the front 'grille' has been updated so it now sports what the firm terms a'SmartZone'. Finished in body colour, this new grille section hosts the various sensors of the vehicle’s active safety systems such as it facing camera and mid-range radar.

The design of the 20-inch forged rims of the Performance Pack has updated to align it with those found on the Polestar 3
This design upgrade has thus been adopted to reflect the shift of the section's role from "breathing to seeing", as well as to better reflect the high-tech nature of Polestar's vehicles.

Underneath this new metal, however, are more dramatic changes.

For a start, the Polestar 2 now utilises new electric motors, allowing increased performance. Opt for the dual-motor version without the Performance Pack and you'll now get a total of 415bhp and 740Nm of torque, up from the 402bhp output of its predecessor.

This power bump means the century sprint is now completed in just 4.5 seconds. And if you take your Polestar 2 into some twisty roads, you'll also be glad to note that the car now comes with a rear-drive bias, thanks to some re-balancing of the drivetrain setup and torque-ratio between the two axles.

The single-motor variants of the Polestar 2 are now rear-wheel driven
Need more performance still? The dual-motor variant with the Performance Pack now gets a total of 469bhp, bringing the zero to 100 km/h sprint time to just 4.2 seconds.

And there's even more exciting news: Those that opt for the single-motor variants of the Polestar 2 will now get a rear-wheel driven car. Power output for the two single-motor variants now stand at 295bhp and 330Nm of torque, bringing the zero to 100km/h sprint time down to 6.2 seconds.

Long-range variants of the Polestar 2 will also now get an 82kWh battery, instead of the 78kWh capacity of before. This brings the WLTP range of the Long range Dual motor variant to 592km.

Long range variants will now also charge at a maximum of 205kW via a direct current source, while the variants equipped with the standard-range battery can charge at speeds of up to 135kW.

Safety features including Blind Spot Information System with steering support, Cross Traffic Alert with brake support, and Rear Collision Warning and Mitigation, along with the 360-degree surround view camera and automatic dimming exterior mirrors, are now standard for the Polestar 2, while the wireless phone charger is now also standard on all versions.

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