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Skoda has released a new European Adventure Index, highlighting all the best nations in Europe to head to for your next driving holiday.

21 Mar 2023 | International News : Czech Republic

Planning you next European driving holiday? You'll be glad to note that Skoda has released a new Skoda European Adventure Index, designed to give adventure seekers a guide to the best nations to head to when planning their best four-wheel adventure yet.

The guide is divided into three categories to aid drivers in finding their ideal holiday destination.

Skoda's researchers placed Denmark at the top of the 'Road Safety and camping' category, while Malta scored the highest in the 'Adventure' category
In the lead for the 'Environment' category is Italy, which scored highly for world heritage sites and low CO2 emissions. Germany and France then follow, with the former offering a number of must-visit sites including the gothic cathedral in Cologne.

But those looking to travel to a country with the least environmental impact, according to Skoda, will have to head to Denmak, which has committed to a 2030 target of a 70% reduction in CO2 levels compared to 1990 levels.

At the front of the 'Adventure' category, meanwhile, is Malta, chosen for its ability to offer stunning scenery alongside its number of ancient heritage sites and a plethora of water sports. Cyprus and Portugal complete the top three in the category.

Finally, in the 'Road Safety and camping' category, which rewards for having a large number of campsites as well as a low rate of driving incidents and driving fatalities, Denmark managed to climb to the top. The Netherlands and Ireland round out the top three with the former offering some of the best camping opportunities in Europe, with top-rated sites including Rijinsburg at Vakantiepark Konigshof.

The full list of counties in the Skoda European Adventure Index is available via Skoda's dedicated site here.

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