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BMW has launched a new 335i Performance Edition for the North American market, which receives a major performance boost

11 Jul 2011 | International News : Germany

The current BMW 3-Series is reaching the end of its production cycle, and BMW is introducing a series of special edition models to keep up interest before the new 3-Series arrives at the end of this year. The latest version is the 335i Performance Edition that will be offered in North America.

The BMW 335i Performance Edition will have a Stage 1 power kit that is similar to the one found in the 335is, which gives the car a 20bhp power boost, and an extra 43Nm of torque, for a total output of 322bhp, and allowing the car to go from 0-100km/h in 5.3 seconds, 0.2 seconds faster than the standard 335i. The car will also feature black kidney grilles and Performance Edition badging.

BMW will offer the Performance Edition kit to owners of existing 335i in North America, which can be fitted at any dealer upon request. The conversion kit starts from $550 and will be available from August. The only requirement is that the car has to be equipped with the Sport/M-Sport package.

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