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Infinity Projects serves as a one stop hub with a wide range of the latest and coolest automotive cosmetic and accessories.

23 Nov 2012

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Infinity Projects - Pimping your car with quality

Pimp my ride. This catchphrase was made popular by a reality show by MTV in the USA. It literally means the act of taking a car, modifying it and customising it to suit oneself.

A localised spoof of the show, called 'Zhng My Car', was produced by famous blogger Mr. Brown, in the form of a podcast.

Vehicle owners may modify their vehicles for many reasons, be it to improve the vehicle's performance or to create a distinctive or customised appearance. Some drivers who modify their cars call it their 'interest' and 'passion'. Some others who do it wish to express individual identity among other reasons. There are even car shows and competitions to flaunt the many flashy modifications.

So where should you 'zhng' your car? There is no other place better than Infinity Projects.

Although a greenhorn in car audio competitions, Infinity Projects did not go home empty handed
What is Infinity Projects all about and what do they do?

Starting out with only a handful of staff and only dealing with body kit and cosmetic enhancement items, they have steadily expanded their offering into car accessories in-car entertainment systems and car performance parts. Manpower wise, Infinity Projects now boasts a fully fledged team of professional and qualified technicians.

Infinity Projects has also recently participated in the EMMA Singapore Car Audio Competition. Despite joining the competition for the first time, they managed to clinch 2 awards.

Over the past decade, Infinity Projects has been offering a wide range of body kits, lightings, accessories, in-car entertainment and performance enhancement services. They are more than capable, from what we've seen, on pimping your rides - although they specialise in continental breeds such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen.

What are some examples of accessories and cosmetic modifications Infinity Projects is capable of?

Body kits are highly recommended at Infinity Projects
Featuring designs inspired by leading international brands such as Rieger, AC Schnitzer, and Brabus, body kits are one of their highly recommended items. Made from either PP(Polypropylene), PU(Polyurethane) or ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), these body kits are handpicked and shipped directly from overseas. They are of the highest quality and are designed to fit the car perfectly.

The body kit package also includes spray-painting services using only original paint, so as to ensure that the paint job resembles the original colour and to maintain its top-notch quality. However, if customers prefer to have the spray-painting done at his/her trusted workshop, Infinity Projects will most gladly arrange for the body kit to be sent there.

Besides body kits, Infinity Projects also provides the installation of in-car entertainment systems from international brands such as Hertz and Audison. That's not all. Car accessories such as foot pedals, daytime running lights, floor mats as well as carbon fibre parts are also available for purchase and installation.

If you feel that your ride needs a little more pampering, grooming services such as waxing and polishing can be done at Infinity Projects. Using reliable brands such as 3M and Autoglym grooming products, car owners can rest assured that their cars will leave Infinity Projects' workshop shining.

More notably, the team at Infinity Projects can assist you in with the installation of solar films and tinting solutions, allowing the minimisation of distraction from the Sun's glare. That's not the end of the list. Infinity Projects also offers the installation of vehicle lighting as well as performance enhancement items such as strut bars and throttle controllers.
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1 Bukit Batok Crescent #04-01 WCEGA Plaza S(658064) (map)

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10am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) Sun by appt only



97658093 / 96740039

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