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Air con maintenance might not play a higher importance in comparison to other components like engine or brake kits. But when you do 1st Auto is the place

11 Dec 2012

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Formerly known as Auto M Garage Pte Ltd, 1st Auto is poised to be 'the auto shop you can trust'. Utilising high-tech machinery on par with dealer workshops, the company functions with a group of skilled mechanics, each having a speciality in a different sets of skills. The company is managed by Mr Yap, a highly known individual within the automotive circle whom carries with him 30 years of automotive service - especially in the field of air con servicing. He is also well versed in a wide selection of cars from Continental to the Japanese range.

1st Auto is managed by one Mr Yap who has thirty years of experience under his relm. The company was formerly known as Auto M Garage

1st Auto is widely known for their expertise with Continental cars and their spray painting services among others. However their service highlight is with their air conditioner service. The company has invested heavily on technology and equipments that aids in troubleshooting a customer's problem with his vehicle. They also have a very close relationship with distributors in providing customers premium products but at an affordable pricing.

Benefits of visiting 1st Auto over others

1st Auto's philosophy is to place its customers first. When you, the customer, approach 1st Auto, the team of highly trained mechanics will start with troubleshooting the problem. After which, the mechanics will explain and offer a practical yet more importantly wallet friendly options to rectify the problem.

Not just depending on high-tech machinery, 1st Auto invests heavily on manpower and understands customer relations like none other. The working style of the company is much suited to the hectic and fast paced lifestyle of Singaporeans. After consultation and dropping off, you can collect your car in the shortest possible time, and do not have to worry about spending a fortune on the repair costs.


1st Auto is widely known for their expertise with continental cars like Audi, Jaguar, Chrysler and BMW among others
This can be found in numerous testimonials pertaining to the services rendered by Mr Yap and 1st Auto. Here is a recent testimonial from username 'Ykyau':

"I sent my car to replace the engine mount and air conditioning yesterday. The price quoted are very reasonable (I had inquired several workshops before that). More importantly, the service is efficient (fast turnaround, and both the jobs were done in half a day) and friendly (Mr Yap is personable and very experienced, and so are his crew of mechanics). It was a very pleasant experience overall and I would highly recommend their service to anyone."

Like 'Ykyau', several other motorists have benefitted from 1st Auto services and their satisfaction and appreciation can be felt from their writing of appreciation.

Unlike most places, 1st Auto does not practice a traditional 'warranty period' but if you are faced with any problems after servicing, you are more than welcome to drop by for the staff will be happy to rectify the fault. As people who value customer service very dearly, you guaranteed satisfaction is their upmost importance. Ideally we understand a safe claim time is within thirty days of last service.

1st Auto's air conditioner service

Being famous for its air conditioner servicing, 1st Auto provides a service package for your car's air conditioner. This can be done concurrently with your engine checks and servicing. A team of mechanics will service your engine while checks and service on your air con can be conducted with minimal disruption. On top of air conditioner servicing, 1st Auto also provides the usual workshop services like engine servicing, spray painting, panel beating, battery maintenance and body works fabrication among other.

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