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Hanip Automobiles is run by a former technician from Borneo Motors and thus can be assured of quality workmanship for all Toyota or Lexus models.

13 Dec 2012

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Hanip Automobiles, located in the eastern block of our little red dot, is a highly successful workshop with an added advantage. The self-named company is owned and operated by a well trained and proficient Hanip Abdul who was formerly a diagnostic specialist and a master technician at Borneo Motors - the official local distributor for the Japanese brands of Toyota and Lexus badged vehicles.

Hanip has received numerous accolades for his skills and committment
While working at Borneo Motors, Hanip was not only in charge of the Lexus service team but on numerous occasions was sent to overseas work trips to be trained and upgrade his skills. To prove his competence, Hanip competed in contests that tested his skills and technical knowledge, organised by Toyota themselves. He was crowned 'Champion' - the highest achievement for the competition - twice.

Hanip Automobiles may only be operating for slightly more than a decade, but has established a respected name for itself in the industry, grasping several accolades and awards along the journey. Not stopping there, Hanip is continuously striving to set the benchmark in the local automotive industry in terms of its customer service.

Climbing the ladder - One step at a time

To attain a high level of success takes time and most have to start elementary somewhere. Hanip started as a greaser at Borneo Motors back in 1984. His job scope was simply to drain oil and grease hinges.

Just weeks into the job, Hanip was made an apprentice after his manager spotted his potential. Fuelled with his interest for cars, Hanip persevered and put in a lot of hard work. His efforts paid off as he was progressively promoted to mechanic and then to technician.

Occasionally, Hanip travelled to the Pasir Gudang circuit as part of the technical crew. He tuned, maintained and serviced cars and during this stint became more involved in the performance and tuning traits of the automotive sector.

Hanip established his own workshop after more than a decade of experience at Borneo Motors
After working for four years in 1988 with Borneo Motors, Hanip was promoted a Service Advisor and was awarded the Certificate of Excellence for outstanding performance and customer care. In 1991, Hanip was crowned the Singapore champion in the National Toyota Service Skill Contest and soon after, was transferred to the Ubi branch of Borneo Motors as a Diagnostic Specialist and later promoted again to Master Technician.

After an overseas course, Hanip was once again transferred to the Lexus wing as a Master Technician on top of taking charge of the Lexus Team.

In 1996, Hanip emerged a Champion again in the National Service Skill Contest.

After 14 successful years since starting as an apprentice, Hanip left his position as a Master Technician and stable income at Borneo Motors in 1998. Equipped with more than a decade’s worth of knowledge, Hanip established Hanip Automobiles with partial capital funding from his late father.


The services rendered by the company cover a wide area of your automobile needs. They range from the usual car servicing, maintenance to diagnostic troubleshooting and battery/tyre replacement. Hanip Automobiles also provide engine and automatic transmission overhauls among other services.

Notable services provided on top of the above mentioned examples, would be a 24-hour towing service, pre-LTA and pre-purchase vehicle inspection. The pre-purchase inspection is indeed beneficial given the rising amount of used car sales during the current timeframe of increasing COE rates.

Pre as well as post-service consultation by Hanip himself is provided to ensure that customers are kept thoroughly informed and are satisfied with the service quality rendered. Hanip Automobiles incorporates latest technologies and knowledge with sincerity to its clients when coming up with automotive solutions.

Hanip, being a passionate and dedicated petrolhead himself, ensures his workshop is equipped with the latest technologies and machinery like the MasterTech Scantool, Bosch ACS400 and the Toyota/Lexus Intelligent Scanner among others. Hence, you can be assured of quality work and services done to your car.

Merchant Information



1 Kaki Bukit Avenue 6 #01-72 Autobay @ Kaki Bukit S(417883) (map)

Opening Hours


9am - 6pm (Mon - Fri) 9am - 3pm (Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs



81002121 / 67470513

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