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D Motorwerkz makes vehicle servicing and maintenance easily accessible and affordable by being readily available seven days a week.

19 Jan 2015

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It is of utmost importance to maintain and service a vehicle. Regular servicing and maintenance is critical to ensure the safety, reliability, drivability and longevity of an automobile. And it all boils down to where it is being done.

D Motorwerkz also offers a wide variety of car maintenance products featuring international brands such as Amsoil, Idemitsu, Kennol and many more
It's not difficult at D Motorwerkz though, where convenient, quality and affordable servicing can be experienced.

Who is D Motorwerkz and what are some of the services it offers?

D Motorwerkz was established in 2013 and although the company is fairly new, it has received numerous positive feedback and testimonials from its satisfied clients.

One of the main services the firm provides is commercial vehicle servicing while the other services rendered cover a wide area of automobile needs. They range from the usual car servicing, diagnostic troubleshooting, fleet maintenance, major and minor repairs as well as battery replacement. It also provides engine and transmission overhauls among other services.

Notable services provided on top of the above mentioned examples would be a 24-hour towing and breakdown service.

What are the some of the advantages of visiting D Motorwerkz?

D Motorwerkz's comprehensive vehicle servicing includes a 30-point inspection check, a free battery test as well as an engine diagnostic test. At the same time, quality services are provided at affordable and reasonable prices. The technical team comprises of certified automotive mechanics and they are constantly upgrading themselves to keep in touch with the latest technologies.
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280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #01-03/ 04/ 11 Harvest @ Woodlands S(757322) (map)

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9am - 10pm (Mon - Sat) 9am - 6pm (Sun)



67347260 / 82004239 / 81260203

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