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Slamstop is an innovative door latching device that offers a soft-close function for all cars, giving you a peace of mind.

29 Sep 2016

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You know what really irritates me about cars? Safety systems with those warning beeps. Yes, I perfectly understand that for the sake of passenger safety, these systems are put in place. There's nothing inherently wrong with that. But that doesn't mean it still doesn't get on my nerves.

Say goodbye to the days of unclosed and unsecured doors thanks to Slamstop
One of the most annoying situations is when you are driving along and one of the car doors isn't closed properly - the cabin lights remain on and the car usually lets out a beeping sound to tell you that someone in the car has been an idiot. Subsequently, there's that awkward situation of everyone claiming, "Not me!", while we take turns to quickly open and slam each door shut.

Wouldn't it be nice, then, to have a device that will negate this problem?

Soft-close function for any car

A new device, called Slamstop, aims to solve this problem by providing a soft-close function as an aftermarket enhancement for comfort, safety and security. Slamstop is a universal door retracting system that is designed to mechanically close car doors softly, quiet as a whisper.

The device is installed within the door panel, with a magnetic sensor detecting when the door is almost closed. The device will then softly pull the door completely closed, before latching it securely. Like the soft-close doors available from premium luxury automakers, Slamstop allows any car door to be closed gently, before securely drawing the door completely shut.
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Slamstop Smooth Door Closer

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Slamstop is a universal soft-close car door device designed to catch an ajar door and silently and securely close it shut.

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