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WrapStyle, an international premium car styling company with two branches in Singapore, continues to push the envelope of automotive customisation.

10 Jan 2017

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Automotive customisation is an art form. To a person, especially an automotive enthusiast, keeping a car the way it left the factory is probably the same as wearing a mass produced garment. It just wouldn't have that touch of uniqueness - to make it stand out from the crowd, to make it your own.

WrapStyle competed in Avery U.S.A's Wrap Like a King contest and won King of Europe thanks to its outstanding Captain America design on a Lamborghini Aventador
This growing culture has given rise to many aftermarket merchants and workshops who offer an amazing selection of additional bits and pieces for your pride and joy, and one such company is WrapStyle.

WrapStyle and its unique advantages

WrapStyle offers a wide range of colours, patterns and finishes for automotive wrap films. For instance, with 3D Foil, owners can achieve no fewer than six types of finishing on their paintwork, namely gloss, matte, carbon, metalised, anodised and brushed. WrapStyle's other services include paint protection films, window films, nano and hybrid glass coatings, and many more.

What really sets the company apart is its competency level. Equipped with state-of-the-art computer-aided tools and a team of professional specialists who are well-versed in film wrapping techniques, WrapStyle prides itself for providing exceptional craftsmanship. 

At the same time, it understands the value of customer service, and is devoted to improve customers' satisfaction by providing active and prompt support to customers' requests and requirements.

Besides having a conducive environment, workmanship plays a vital role to ensure the product is finished in the best quality possible. Trained specialists will first provide owners with a round of professional consultation to guide them to decide various perimeters of the customisation job. 

Next, using advanced equipment, the fabricated wrap is applied in a specialised Clean Room to ensure a dust-free environment for the entire installation process. Besides the sleek-looking facility, what's also impressive is the vast range of customisation options on offer. Any design or graphic can be realised by its highly skilled designers who will execute customers' ideas perfectly onto their beloved cars.

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