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A fresh name on the scene, T.O.P is a top-notch car detailing parlour started by experienced grooming artisan Benny Teng.

20 Oct 2017

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I get asked every once in awhile, "How do you manage to keep your car looking so clean and fresh all the damn time? Do you even drive it?" I wish I could say that its spotless interior and silky smooth paintwork is the culmination of my own blood, sweat and tears but as particular about its cleanliness as I am, I rarely have the time to give it a proper scrub.

Every inch of the car, and we mean every inch, is given a thorough once-over, including the brake calipers
Instead, I've found the right guy to handle that for me and since I've had my previous car, he's been the only one I trust to do a thorough job.

At just 27-years of age, detailing specialist Benny Teng of T.O.P has mastered the art of shine, and should be the go-to person for your car's next weekly wash or yearly detailing.

Surprisingly, the pursuit of perfection and attention to detail, however, wasn't always something Benny intended as career.

The detail bug

After finishing his National Service in 2010, the then 20-year old didn't even have an interest in the car detailing business but was encouraged by his uncle who owns a local auto accessories, supplies and detailing company, to lend a hand in the family business.

It was then that young Benny first tried his hand at car detailing, picked up the necessary skills very quickly and fell in love with the fruits of his labour.

Benny offers interior detailing packages that help restore the lustre of your car's tired leather seats and plastic surfaces
He worked out of a carpark detailing shop at The Chevrons, which was also the contracted detailing firm for local Ferrari retailer Ital Auto. In 2013, he was posted to work in-house at Ital Auto's space in Leng Kee, where he really refined his art.

While it seems like the dream gig of any car detailer to work on some of the world's finest supercars, the pressure was on for Benny to prove his worth, while at the same time, not screwing up any jobs assigned to him.

Some of the cars he worked on include the Ferrari F430, the Ferrari 458 Speciale and even a Ferrari LaFerrari.

But as fun as it was shining million-dollar Ferraris to perfection, the novelty soon worth off and Benny wanted to do more.
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