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Buying a used car can easily become a harrowing experience but with trusted dealer RoadLink Auto, you'll have a much greater peace of mind.

06 Apr 2018

It's no secret that crooked characters and dodgy practices have unfortunately marred the local used car industry. From tempering with a car's original mileage and covering up check lights with black tape to charging exorbitant fees and extras, there is little a dishonest dealer won't do just to make a quick sale.

Considering a fancy roadster or a luxurious grand tourer? RoadLink Auto may just have the car for you
As such, buying a used car can easily become a harrowing experience if you're not careful. But thankfully, there are a few good men left out there, like Tom Ong of RoadLink Auto.

Started from the bottom

Tom's journey in the used car business began 16 years ago in 2002, where he started as a salesman with one of the biggest dealerships around. There, he picked up the tricks of the trade, some of which weren't as honest as he hoped.

Wanting to venture out on his own, and at the same time help change the negative perception of the used car industry, Tom and a few of his family members started Ong Automobile in 2010.

It was a pretty rough start for Ong, as it struggled with purchasing quality used cars under its fleet, of which most were European. "European makes and models were my speciality before. As such, I wanted to continue dealing in what I knew best, to the best of service standards," Tom explains.

Good customer service, which Tom values extremely highly, is the company's priority
Tom's family business grew steadily over the years, thanks to its belief that a cheap sales tactic may work once, even twice, but honesty and proper customer service will go a much longer way. If a customer is busy, there are also doorstep-viewing services offered.

Today, the company has been rebranded as RoadLink Auto due to management changes but its ethos remains.

"Being sued over a defected car or a dishonest deal in the Small Claims Tribunal isn't uncommon in our line, but I am proud to say that my company never has, and as long as I am in charge, I'll ensure it never will."

Admittedly, as much as Tom carefully screens the cars he buys in, there are bound to be one or two that end up having unexpected defects. It's an inevitable part and parcel of used car dealing.

"Not everyday is Sunday. Sure, I've had customers who come back complaining but I try to deal with it as fairly as I can, as best as I can. At the end of the day, I may lose some money fixing the customer's problem but I gain a friend and a walking testament," says Tom.

Fleet customers looking for commercial vehicles will be glad to know that RoadLink Auto now carries them, too
To give customers more confidence in their purchases, he also allows them to take it to a third-party workshop of their choice for a thorough check, before committing.

On a strict case-by-case basis, warranty may also be provided, by Tom's partnering firm and maintenance honcho MBM Wheelpower. That said, Tom hopes that his kindness will not be taken for granted.

Tom also offers consignment packages to expand the scope of RoadLink Auto's services. But he admits that it's not a guarantee. Still, he does as much as he can for the customer, sometimes to the extent of even buying over the car.

Whether it's the car itself, a loan or insurance coverage, Tom assures potential customers that RoadLink Auto will do its best to strike the fairest deal.

Although not a core service, RoadLink Auto is also able to source for new parallel-imported models, as well as commercial vehicles for companies. RoadLink Auto is located at 47 Kallang Pudding Road, #01-09 The Crescent @ Kallang, Singapore (349318). To make an appointment, you may contact the company at 6636 0538.

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