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To mark 165 years of automotive passion and commitment, Motul is offering several promotions when you shop selected products from its authorised dealers.

17 Jul 2018

2018 marks the 165th birthday of Motul, the French manufacturer of high-performance motor oils and industrial lubricants. Today, Motul is known for its heavy involvement in motorsports and enjoys worldwide repute and recognition for the quality of its products.

The iconic 300V lubricant has opened many doors for Motul, establishing close relationships with leading factory and satellite racing teams alike and most importantly, helping them to further their technological expertise in motorsports. But most people do not know the company actually had much humbler beginnings.

Motul 300V is specifically designed for endurance racing and ultra high-performance vehicles
Born from passion and performance

The Motul story began in 1853 when Swan & Finch Oil Corporation, which established itself through the production of high-quality combustion engine oil, was founded in New York. In 1932, French national Ernst Zaugg secured distribution rights for Swan and Finch products in France, creating the company Supra Penn.

Supra Penn then obtained the brand and patent deed of property worldwide in 1958 and became a French public limited company with the trademark - Motul.

The first impact Motul had in the world was in 1966 when it beat the competition by introducing the first substitute to castor oil, Century 2100, the first semi-synthetic lubricant in the automotive market. Fast forward to 1971, Motul broke new ground once again when it introduced the Century 300V, the first 100% synthetic lubricant in the automotive market.

Today, 300V, which is continuously improved from through motorsports research and development, is also widely recognised as the benchmark of performance.

More importantly, Motul's latest motorcycle racing oil, 300V², which is compatible for on and off-road applications, is formulated with the environment in mind. Its organic-based formulation contains less fossil raw material and offers up to 18% lower carbon footprint during the manufacturing process. This represents Motul's position as the thought leader in its field.

The Motul Hybrid 0W-20 is a fuel economical engine oil specifically designed for hybrids
Electrification is our future

The company's learnings over the years have also led it to develop products that are at the forefront of adapting to new technologies.

Motul's range of specially formulated engine oils for hybrid vehicles is a perfect example of this. The 100% synthetic oils provide an excellent cold start and reduce fuel consumption on the road.

But its normal everyday range isn't ignored

Motul's extensive involvement in motorsport is a major contribution to the wide range of automotive products accessible to the everyday commuter.

From engine oils to coolants, gear and transmission oils, brake fluids, cleaners and various maintenance products, Motul has all the necessary products to ensure your vehicles are maintained in optimum conditions.

For example, its 6100 range is trusted by many and even more today. Led by the new and improved 6100 SYN-nergy, with remarkable achievement of meeting eight OEM standards, the full 6100 range is able to provide better fuel economy and petrol savings - thanks to its thin oil with low viscosity. The 6100 range is suitable for most makes - European and Japanese - making it a credible product of assurance.

From now till August, a limited edition 300V2 sling bag comes free with the purchase of selected Motul products
165-years strong is a celebration for all

To celebrate its milestone of 165 years of passion and commitment to the automotive industry, Motul is currently offering three promotional packages, until the month of August.

Receive a complimentary 300V2 sling bag (worth $50) and/or an engine and fuel system cleaner each (worth $40) with the purchase of selected Motul products, such as the 300V, 6100 and 8100 ranges.

For motorcyclists, the purchase of selected Motul motorcycle products such as the 300V and 300V2, 7100, 5100 and 3100 ranges also gets you a free 300V2 sling bag.

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