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If you're craving to drive an Audi or just looking for a premium car to drive up north, Audi will have your selected car delivered to you on time, every time.

01 Oct 2018

If you have been craving to drive an Audi, you can easily satisfy your desire with Audi on demand, the carmaker's mobility concept.

These were the cars we requested from Audi on demand
According Lee Nian Tjoe, Audi Singapore Public Relations Senior Manager, this mobility concept has been around since this year's Singapore Motor Show in January and has been applied to six other regions - Beijing, Hong Kong, Munich, Tokyo, San Francisco as well as the United Kingdom (U.K.).

San Francisco was the first to launch Audi on demand three years ago. U.K., on the other hand, was the latest country to offer this concept.

Regardless of which countries you decide to utilise this mobility concept from, convenient services will be provided by Audi on demand staff.

San Francisco, for instance, provides both concierge as well as chauffeur services. This means you can either collect the car from Audi or have it delivered personally to you. This is the same for Singapore.

The RS3 Sedan came in the same colour that was reflected on the Audi on demand website in San Francisco
"From the booking to the handover and return, the experience is distinctly premium and fully digitalised. It's easy for the user because it's very flexible," Mr. Lee added.

During my time in San Francisco with Audi, I had the chance to experience Audi on demand's flexible service first hand.

'Audi specialists' delivered the cars to our hotel punctually. Each of these specialists is assigned to a car and will go through the car's features with you and even set up the navigation system, if you so need.

While I did not get behind the wheel of the R8 supercar, I was able to drive the RS3 Sedan, the S5 Cabriolet and the SQ5, all of which are nothing short of exciting. The cars are superb, but I was not testing them. I was more interested in the Audi on demand experience, and that did not disappoint me either.

According to the specialist who was assigned to me when I was in the RS3 Sedan, it does not matter what models you select because all customers will receive the same premium service.

There were even Audi on demand water bottles in the car
And a premium service it was. What was supposed to be a simple handover of the car became a very positive customer service experience, as we chatted casually about the car and the Golden Gate Bridge, which was near my next destination.

Also positive is the wide range of Audi models on offer.

In San Francisco, Audi provides a variety of cars. The 17-model fleet ranges from a regular A4 Sedan right up to the sizzling R8 V10.

Singapore's Audi on demand, on the other hand, has a smaller range, with 13 unique models. Currently, the fastest car on the fleet is the S3 Sedan.

But this is not the most expensive car in the local fleet. That will be the A8 L, which will cost you $244 for four hours or $488 for an entire day. The cheapest is the A3 Sedan, which starts from $76 for a four-hour slot.

The weather in San Francisco made it perfect for me to drive the S5 Cabriolet with its top down
Thankfully, my experience was much longer than that. We had the cars for the entire day. At the end of my rental, a different specialist came to greet me as I pulled up at the entrance of our hotel.

As you'd expect, we chatted a bit about my day and the car right before I handed her the keys.

The entire process was buttery smooth and pleasantly positive. If the German carmaker can impress this much with the Audi on demand concept, I am certainly looking forward to the next idea the brand is working on - Charging on demand.

Charging on demand is currently still in discussion as part of the introduction of the Audi e-tron, the carmaker's first fully electric SUV, in Singapore. If all goes well, owners of the Audi e-tron will be able to experience the new mobility idea by the end of next year.

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