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Thinking of renewing your COE? MoneyMax Leasing offers a quick, transparent and hassle-free option, at low interest rates from 1.99%.

21 Jan 2019

If your car is running right, renewing your COE is a financially sound choice to make, as the costs are much lower than buying a new car.

Having ready cash to pay for the full Prevailing Quota Premium amount is a simple process. 

Renewing your COE can be a complicated process if you are planning to take a loan
But taking a loan to renew your COE can get a little complicated. Many who offer this service do not clearly state the requirements, the initial costs or any penalties that may incur.

With these complications to renewing your COE, MoneyMax Leasing is the solution. It offers a flexible and hassle-free experience, in the most efficient and clear-cut way.

Here are reasons why using MoneyMax Leasing for your COE renewal loan is the financially savvy move.

A trusted, listed company

MoneyMax Leasing is a subsidiary of MoneyMax Financial Services Ltd, and it offers a suite of financing plans, with flexible repayment options for COE renewal. With such a strong regional backing, you are assured that MoneyMax Leasing knows best when it comes to giving you the most value-add deal for your COE renewal.

MoneyMax Leasing has a free-to-use loan calculator, allowing you to gauge your loan amount according to your budget
Flexible repayment loans, hassle-free experience

As mentioned before, renewing your COE loan can be complicated, with vague details on the processes, leaving you feeling a little uncertain.              

This is not the case for MoneyMax Leasing, as it provides a clear online website for you to check out your options when it comes to renewal.

There is a loan calculator that is free to use, where you can easily input your desired loan amount and amount of years needed, as well as instalment rates. This allows you to gauge your loan amount according to your budget. It is pretty easy to use too - adding on to the seamless experience when it comes to COE renewal loans.

Attractive interest rates, fast approval

If the loan amount sounds good to you, you can get in contact with MoneyMax Leasing's team of experienced consultants to have a non-obligatory consultation by filling up a form on its website.

MoneyMax Leasing offers attractive interest rates as well as a quick approval process
MoneyMax also assures a speedy loan application process and quick approval through its consultants.

What's more, with attractive and competitive interest rates for COE renewal, you can be assured that your COE renewal with MoneyMax will be a savvy and financially sound choice you make, be it for the next five or 10 years to continue driving your beloved car.

MoneyMax Leasing is located at 7 Changi Business Park Vista, SOOKEE HQ Singapore (486042). You can check out their COE renewal service on its website. Alternatively, MoneyMax Leasing can be reached by phone at 6280 0808. You can also find out more at MoneyMax Leasing's Facebook page here.

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