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While there are many car grooming establishments, Vglobal Car Salon has an edge with its deep understanding of cars and a keen passion for car detailing.

15 May 2019

Car detailing is something that those who care for their rides would do. Thus, it makes sense that a car detailing establishment is created by those who are passionate about cars, too.

Vglobal detailing is a holistic establishment and it certainly is the place you should look out for when it comes to such services. Made for car lovers, the guys at Vglobal Car Salon offer a deep understanding of what works in the car detailing world, and what doesn't.

Work areas are clearly separated at Vglobal, such as a washing bay, coating application area and an inspection area
A deep understanding of cars

Step into the Vglobal Car Salon facility and you are treated to a work area that is clearly separated, with the required tools to effectively execute grooming and paint protection techniques. Here's why we say Vglobal knows what it is doing.

With a BMW M6 Gran Coupe on hand, the team at Vglobal started with the basic step of car grooming - washing down.

Now, the most common tool when it comes to washing down a car is a water jet. It is considered as the quickest, most effective way of kicking out dirt and grime from the car even before any washing products are used.

But according to Vglobal, not any type of commercial grade water jets should be used. The team mentioned that using an unsuitable washing jet might just cause more harm than good. Some jets are meant to clean building and flooring surfaces, and might just damage the car's sensitive components if used inappropriately.

The staff at Vglobal are confident in its tools and abilities, and will wash areas such as the engine bay with a specialised water jet
Hence, the specific water jet used at Vglobal is meant to wash cars. It has an effective spray pattern that is gentle to the touch. Thus, the team has confidence in washing down areas such as the engine bay, which most detailing establishments choose to avoid.

Grooming more than meets the eye

Another point that brought home the fact that the team at Vglobal are car enthusiasts is the cleaning of the bumpers.

Certain cars have intake and cooling ducts on the bumper which are closed off, causing leaves and other loose dirt to collect in them. In the case of the M6 Gran Coupe, there are two intercoolers to cool the thumping turbocharged V8 engine, with ducting through the front bumpers.

Vglobal emphasised the need to clean these areas on the car, and other cars in general. For the team, it's not just about the car looking good, it's making sure that the cleaning process covers all aspects, including those that may prevent the car from performing optimally.

You know Vglobal is well-equipped to handle your ride, it even has a heavy-duty car lift
Covering all aspects of grooming cars

Now, if that is not enough to prove that Vglobal covers all aspects of grooming, it offers coating of rims, too. Yes, it might be a service that is not out of the ordinary for some.

However, Vglobal does not just remove your wheels and put your car on jack stands - they have a full, portable heavy-duty car lift to do the job safely.

At the same time, this allows them to further inspect your car's underbody for cleanliness, too. Also, when it comes to the process of applying paint protection and grooming, they have the tools and work space to do this correctly.

The paint correction and application area is air-conditioned, with heating lamps allowing for a suitable environment for the curing of paint protection products. Non-paint surfaces are then taped up to prevent any damage and over-application of grooming products, too.

It isn't just a wipe down and vacuum for interiors, Vglobal has a complete air sterilisation service
Interior grooming is not taken lightly, either. Vglobal knows that car interiors can be laden with bacteria, and that your car interior can be an unhealthy place to be in - more than just a musky smell.

Thus, interior surfaces are 'detoxed'. Carefully cleaned and detailed with Dettol disinfectant, leather surfaces are treated, and then a full-on air sterilisation service is carried out, making sure your car interior is free from smells and pathogens.

With a final inspection of the car's condition after grooming, Vglobal even checks your tyre pressure, and filling them up with nitrogen gas as necessary - many of the tyre shops don't even provide this service.

Choosing the right products through R&D

While the capabilities of a car grooming establishment can be defined by its attention to detail or the staff's professional abilities, the products used has to be of a certain standard too. The main products that Vglobal Car Salon uses are from Swissvax. It is a name that needs no introduction, and is known for its long-lasting, high quality formulations that are widely used on cars around the world.

You can safely leave your precious rides with Vglobal as the guys there understand the processes of grooming and caring for cars
There are many products that can be used, but Vglobal trusts its research and development to choose the right products for its customers.

Currently, it is testing a new product that hails from Germany, and the team mentions that it will soon make its debut.

And we trust its abilities in finding the right products, as with the team's deep understanding of cars. Your car will be treated with the upmost care.

To find out more about how Vglobal Car Salon will take care of your ride, you can check out its website or Facebook page. Vglobal Car Salon is located at 9 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #01-06 Eunos Technolink, Singapore (415938). It is open every day, from 9:00am to 7:00pm.

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