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Cars are increasingly relying on electronics such as immobiliser systems and the experts at CAEG Specialist are here to teach you more about them.

26 Jul 2019

High-tech systems started appearing in cars in the 1980s and today, auto electronic systems and engine computers do everything from regulating fuel to diagnosing problems. Most of today's cars have between 30 and 80 separate electronic controllers and one of the most important ones is the immobiliser.

An immobiliser is an electronic security device fitted to an automobile that prevents the engine from running unless the correct transponder car key is present.

CAEG Specialist has created a series of customised immobiliser courses for workshops and their mechanics
This prevents the car from being 'hot-wired' after entry has been achieved and thus reduces motor vehicle theft. This electronic security device, which modern cars use, employs an electronic chip embedded into the ECU of the vehicle.

And while an immobiliser is fitted in every new car, not many third-party workshops are well-versed in dealing with them. Most of the workshops in Singapore still lean towards a more 'old school' mechanical approach.

Knowledge is power

Dr. Tomabo teaches attendees the skills necessary to improve their businesses as a whole
Understanding this, automobile electronics expert CAEG Specialist has created a series of customised immobiliser courses aimed at arming workshops and its mechanics with the necessary knowledge to keep up with the shift in automotive trends. Dr. Tomabo of CAEG explains that just as the world is moving quickly towards Industry 4.0, workshops have to update themselves to deal with the shift towards the increased importance on electronics.

CAEG's course was first introduced in Indonesia, and due to an overwhelming response, the company decided that the rest of the countries in Asia should also benefit from it. Today, it also conducts the course several times a year in China, Malaysia and Singapore. But more than just imparting knowledge on immobiliser systems and the programming of its components, CAEG also teaches workshops on business concepts that would improve sales, customer relations and marketing.

As an expert on the automotive industry, Dr. Tomabo also shares with the attendees tips on where the industry is heading, what future market trends can be expected and what directions they should take. This gives attendees the skills necessary to improve their businesses as a whole, as well as introduce new value-added services should they decide to.

The comprehensive workshop features a test at the end that certifies the attendee's understanding
"To many of the more traditional workshops, the technology behind immobiliser systems might be a bit confusing but we are here to rest assure them that it’s not, and we want to debunk any myths surrounding the technology," said Dr. Tomabo.

The courses are exclusively available for workshops located in the Southeast Asia region and consist of four different tiers, with tier one being the most basic and tier four, the most comprehensive. Each course consists of half a day of theory lessons, half a day of practical lessons and a test at the end that certifies the attendee's understanding.

But as the courses are always overbooked, Dr. Tomabo advises anyone who's interested in attending to sign up early. The last course the company conducted, which focused on the immobiliser systems used in Mercedes-Benz cars, was targeted to host 40 but 196 people signed up.

Backed by more than a decade of research and development

CAEG has 11 years of experience, making it the go-to workshop for all manner of electronic issues
Aside from imparting knowledge and skills to its industry colleagues, CAEG also boasts 11 years of experience, which has allowed it to collect the necessary data to develop its own range of automotive diagnostic tools. Each of its diagnostic tools is brand, and even model specific, so whether it's to do with solving any issues with immobilisers or pretty much anything electronic in the car, CAEG is the go-to company.

To sign up for its courses, attendees can enquire via e-mail at, or via mobile at 8699 9866.
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