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Register for this year's Torque on the Move - The Volkswagen Edition and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes!

31 Jul 2019

This year, the 38th edition of Volkswagen's GTI Meet took place in Worthersee Lake, Austria, from 29 May to 1 June.

The annual festival brought together generations of automotive enthusiasts to partake in three days of fun-filled festivities, with dedicated, themed event days with a varied agenda putting different countries in the spotlight.

The GTI Meet brings together VW enthusiasts from all around the world
The GTI Meet has become a long-standing tradition for fans of the brand, and traces its root back to 1982 when GTI fans met for the first time in Austria. Today, the event attracts VW fanatics and automotive aficionados - beyond showcasing their cars, it has also become an exciting fair open to everyone with like-minded interests to meet up.

Closer back home, Volkswagen has teamed up with Torque to present this year's Torque on the Move, the 10th edition of Singapore's favourite automotive telematch. The event is an opportunity to bring together the local community of Volkswagen fans and car enthusiasts - a chance to share stories, trade driving and ownership tips and, of course, to make new friends!

VW has teamed up with Torque to present the 10th edition of Torque on the Move
This year's event, presented by Volkswagen, is open to owners of all car brands. All you need to register is to form a team of two with at least one participant with a valid Singapore driver license, and you can be part of this unique automotive telematch.

During the event, drivers will scamper around Singapore while deciphering locations clues and conquering exciting challenges along the way. On top of the three Torque junction challenges, participants can also expect bonus challenges along the way. Also, each participant will receive an event t-shirt, a goodie bag worth over $50, and refreshments will be provided as well.

Sign up now to be part of Singapore's favourite automotive telematch! 
The winner of this year's Torque on the Move stands to win up to $4,500 worth of prizes, as well as a pair of Tissot Chrono XL NBA Collector timepieces. Additionally, there is also a prize for the best dressed car, so be sure to let your imagination run wild - last year, the winning car came dolled up as Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, complete with gigantic eyes atop the roof of the car.

Torque on the Move 2019 - The Volkswagen Edition takes place on Saturday, 24 August, from 10:00am to 6:00pm. And of course, the event is open to all participants. To find out more information and to register, you can click here. Sign up now!

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