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Pan Pacific Van & Truck Leasing's entire line of services ensure that businesses no longer need to fret about their transportation needs.

28 Nov 2019

There's no denying that we live in the ultimate time of convenience. With on-demand delivery of from meals, groceries, apparel, and even services, everything is just one click away. 

Of course, a key component that we as consumers don't necessarily see or appreciate is the extensive transportation network that makes such on-demand services available. 

Pan Pacific leases a wide range of commercial vehicles
Whether it's logistics, home and food deliveries, or even construction and small businesses, many companies depend on reliable transportation to get their work done.

But have you ever thought about what a business owner ought to do if the vehicles they depend on should fail?

Pan Pacific Van & Truck Leasing understands that planning for transportation contingencies can be a complicated and expensive endeavour, which is why it has rolled out a maintenance programme for its leased vehicles, so its clients no longer have to waste precious business hours mulling over the state of its vehicles!

Low downtime

All vehicles undergo comprehensive multi-point inspection before being handed over to the customer
With Pan Pacific's maintenance programme, customers no longer need to bother with the hassle of servicing and inspecting every vehicle in their own fleet. Every one of Pan Pacific's trucks and vans are subjected to a multi-point inspection before they being handed over to the customer.

This meticulous inspection ensures that every van and truck is fit for use and up to the highest standard possible when it reaches the customer.

Regular brake and tyre inspections ensure that these vehicles are safe, despite spending long hours on the road
Pan Pacific's regular brake and tyre inspections also mean that a business owner can rest assured that its employees are also as safe as they can be, despite spending long hours on the road.

Even if a vehicle should fail, Pan Pacific has committed to never leaving its clients stranded by the side of the road. Thanks to its 15-minute Service Guarantee, a lessee can be assured of a maximum wait of 15 minutes until the first contact in the event of a vehicle emergency, failing which they will be entitled to a $200 discount on their lease. 

Service optimisation

Pre-scheduled servicing appointments mean that businesses can be planned ahead of time
Furthermore, Pan Pacific also aids in minimising wasted employee hours by allowing pre-scheduled servicing appointments, so businesses can plan ahead of time and not compromise on service standards.

Time is money for a business owner, after all. All vehicles leased from Pan Pacific are also cleaned before they leave the workshop, so that they can make that critical right first impression when the vehicle reaches their clients!

Finally, for business that truly wants to optimise its fleet of vehicles, Pan Pacific also employs a state-of-the-art fleet management system. This delivers real-time information about each vehicle on the road, and can also track factors such as vehicle mileage and individual driver performance. This system also allows route planning and increased route optimisation.  

The state-of-the-art fleet management system delivers real-time information about each fleet vehicle on the road
With Pan Pacific Van & Truck Leasing's extensive expertise and capabilities, it is little wonder that many businesses trust the company for all their transportation needs. It's no surprise that Pan Pacific Van & Truck Leasing account for more than 1,600 commercial vehicles on Singapore roads.

To find out more about Pan Pacific Van & Truck Leasing, you can contact the company at 8482 3003, or visit the showroom located at 52 Joo Chiat Road Singapore (427374). You can also email the company at

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