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Keep your engine in top condition with Visionsphere and FK Massimo's wide range of boutique engine oils, catered for a variety of engines!

19 Dec 2019

Worried that your car is no longer performing like it used to? Perhaps, it feels like it has lost the responsiveness it once had whenever you accelerate off the lights, or you feel the need to rev the engine harder than usual just to get up to highway speeds.

Thankfully, Visionsphere has just the solution!

FK Massimo's line of lubicants will ensure your engine stays protected
Proper lubrication and protection of all engine moving parts is vital to the long-term health of your powerplant. A worn-out engine will lose compression and thus generate less power, while carbon and sludge buildup can be detrimental to the flow of air into the cylinders, inhibiting responsiveness and peak power.

Visionsphere, local distributor of the CAPCO MT-10 oil additive, knows what it takes to keep an engine clean and protected, which is why it has decided to distribute FK Massimo's range of engine oils here in Singapore.

What is FK Massimo?

FK Massimo's lineup is designed to ensure that you have the highest standard in engine lubrication and protection
A boutique oil brand from Japan, Fuji Kosan (FK) Massimo's lineup is designed to ensure that you have the highest standard in engine lubrication and protection, regardless of whether you are driving a Japanese make or otherwise.

Two products from FK Massimo's lineup that will most interest local buyers include the FK Massimo Trimax and the FK Massimo Trinity.

The FK Massimo Trimax (5W-40) is a fully synthetic high-performance engine oil built from chemically synthesised base oil, and is recommended for sports cars and high-performance engines regardless of make and whether the car utilises turbocharging.

If you own and drive a performance car, the last thing you would want is for the car to lose the responsiveness and power it had when it was brand new. Sludge and carbon buildup are the most common causes of performance engines losing their power, and used to be unavoidable effects of engine use. However, there is now an oil that is designed around avoiding that sludge buildup and subsequent loss of power.

FK Massimo's Trimax uses high-grade detergent designed to deliver excellent sludge control
Trimax's use of high-grade detergents is designed to deliver excellent sludge control, ensuring that your engine does not suffer from any undue power loss as it ages.

Trimax also delivers high levels of heat resistance and engine protection, whether it be at start-up or during continuous long running operation, so you can be sre that your engine is well lubricated and wear is kept to an absolute minimum. This is true regardless of whether you use your performance car simply for everyday driving to work, or if you make frequent long-distance drives at high speeds up North!

For those looking for even more performance still, do also consider FK Massimo's High Spec Racing (15W-60) line of racing oils, developed in the gruelling Japanese GT300 and GT500 race conditions.

At the other end of the spectrum, there is also FK Massimo's Trinity (0W-20) line of lubricating oil. Trinity is a premium, fully synthetic oil specifically targeting hybrid engines and fuel-efficient cars.

The line comprises of a unique blend of additives that ensure you get the best engine protection throughout a wide range of engine operating temperatures, allowing you to maximise the use of start-stop systems common in hybrid engines and modern fuel-efficient engine designs. So, regardless of whether you are targeting maximum fuel efficiency in your own car, or spending long hours doing hard acceleration work in city traffic as a private-hire driver, FK Massimo's Trinity has you covered.

A quick tune-up

Gary's Garage has seen its customers achive up to a 30% increase in fuel efficiency after a quick ECU tuning
While a quality engine oil will minimise further wear on your engine, it cannot undo damage that has already been done. But, even if your engine has seen long years of use and abuse, fret not. Visionsphere has yet another trick up its sleeve, and is also working with Gary's Engineering to offer a tuning solution!

Already famous for its throttle boring and ignition coil amplifier work, Gary's Engineering now also provides Electronic Control Unit (ECU) tuning, allowing you to extract more power from your engine, or to tune out any unfavourable throttle mapping and unfavourable driving characteristics from your ride.

Eradicate any sluggishness and unresponsiveness with a tuning at Gary's Engineering
A good tune up at Gary's Engineering will allow you to recover any lost power, as well as to eradicate any sluggishness and unresponsiveness you are still experiencing, ensuring a smooth and pleasurable driving experience every time you set out for a drive.

But, even if you are not interested in extracting more power from your engine, surely you must be interested is saving on your fuel bill? Unlike other workshops which simply focus on extracting more horsepower from an engine, Gary's Engineering also has long experience in making engines more efficient, and it is now also providing a tuning service designed around increasing your car's fuel efficiency.

Gary's Engineering foresees that the service could be beneficial to private-hire drivers and anyone that covers long-distances in their car, and Gary himself has seen his customer's cars gain anywhere from a 10% to 30% improvement in fuel efficiency, after just a simple visit and tune up at his garage!

Stopping power

Magnum's stainless steel brake line kit eliminates any unwanted hose expansion that occurs with rubber lines
With greater engine power comes a need for more stopping power. For those that seek a more rounded modification to their ride, Visionsphere is also offering the Magnum stainless steel brake line kit.

Magnum's high performance stainless steel braided brake lines eliminate any unwanted hose expansion that frequently occurs with rubber lines, curtailing unwanted spongy pedal feel that results from poor pressure supply to the brake pads and lowered caliper piston travel.

Receive up to a 20% increase in braking efficiency and reduced braking distance with the Magnum brake lines, and make sure you have all that newfound power under your control.

If you are interested in maintaining the highest level of protection for your engine or seeking a good boost to your everyday driving experience, visit Gary's Engineering at 53 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-42 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore (408934) to schedule a tune up or purchase an oil change today!

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