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Thinkware, local distributor of dash cams, is leading the charge for a technological revolution with its lineup of innovative and connected products.

22 Jan 2020

Dash cams may be considered by many to be simple instruments, but one firm - Thinkware - is bringing a technological revolution to the way we drive through their dash cams.

Thinkware's products have been in the market since 2012 but it was only in 2015 that the firm decided to rebrand itself with the name we know today.

Strong growth here has seen Thinkware open a new flagship premium store
Since then, it has gone from strength to strength through its motto of 'Smart Driving Innovation'.

It has built a dash cam empire that now has more than 30% of Singapore's market share.

Thinkware has also grown in reputation to become the dash cam of choice for the authorised dealers of brands such as Toyota, Kia, Lexus, and Volkswagen.

What makes Thinkware's dash cams special?

Thinkware's dashcams utilise Narrowband Internet of Things technology to give you the latest in connected technology with minimal data usage
Thinkware places a strong emphasis on product innovation.

Bringing to life its motto of 'Smart Driving Innovation', its latest dash cams, for example, are now prepared to utilise the latest in Narrowband Internet of Things technology. This allows their dash cams to receive and transmit plenty of important data so that you know your car is kept safe while utilizing minimal data.

But innovation doesn's just end at product development. Mr. Lexus Teo, Head of Thinkware Singapore, informs us that Thinkware has great plans for future developments and is targeting growth in areas such as Big Data.

How could a dash cam firm capitalise on Big Data? Mr. Teo informs us that in the near future, our dash cams could internalise and process driving habits and patterns, for example, allowing them to inform us about discounts at the places we frequently visit, or better still, aid in bringing down your car's insurance premium if you adopt good driving habits.

Look no further than Thinkware's range for the best in video enhancement technology for quality recordings
Thinkwares' current line of dash cams are already fast approaching that future. For example, the U1000 dash cam can already utilise Thinkware Cloud technology to provide convenient, live viewing of your vehicle from your mobile device.

The connected technology also allows the dash cam to provide geofencing so you can get a push notification through a mobile app whenever your vehicle enters or exits a certain pre-defined area, allowing the dash cam to serve double duty both as a camera while providing the additional security of knowing exactly where your vehicle is no matter where you are.

The X700 dash cam meanwhile, offers intelligent video enhancement technology, ensuring you get the clearest recordings regardless of the filming environment. The dash cam is capable of utilising its Wide Dynamic Range sensor in order to automatically adjust exposure levels to ensure a clear recording. G-Sensors within the dash cam also allow it to autonomously switch between recording modes, be it parked or on the move, so as to ensure that you get the best balance between recording coverage, battery, and data usage.

But a good product alone cannot explain this growth

Look for dash cam accessories, servicing, repairs and installation services all at Thinkware's premium store
But it was not just the emphasis on innovation alone that got Thinkware to where it is today. Good quality control is another area in which Thinkware is proud to be an industry leader.

With up to 144 quality control stages for each of its products and the support of up to 400 employees, Thinkware wants you to be assured that your dash cam is built to as rigorous a standard as any other component in your car.

Locally, the firm is placing a strong emphasis on customer care and quality service as well. Thinkware's new flagship premium store, for example, now serves as a one-stop service centre for all dash cam-related matters. Customers of Thinkware now simply travel to one convenient location, whether it be for installation, repairs, and maintenance, or to purchase new dashcams.

For those looking for the latest in dash cam technology, look no further than Thinkware! Its premium store is located at 50 Serangoon North Ave 4, #01-10 First Centre, Singapore (555856).

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