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Is the more practical BMW M3 Competition a better choice than the M4 Competition Coupe? These enthusiasts from sgCarMart and Torque give their views.

09 Apr 2021

Fast, four-door practicality is a want and need, says Idris…

You might think that because of my age (I am 28), my choice would be the BMW M4 Competition. But I'm actually more keen on the M3 Competition.

Nothing beats the practicality of a four-door sedan along with high performance
I have always been smitten by the idea of a super-fast sedan. And the BMW M3 is the pinnacle of high-performance sedans in my book. 

Mind you, the M3 is far from understated in terms of design. But this four-door manages to hide all its performance capabilities in a 3 Series suit.

Previously, only a keen eye could spot the differences, which meant you could have supercar-destroying abilities without shouting about it.

The new M3 Competition, on the other hand, is bolder and more flamboyant. Its new kidney grilles definitely take a bit of getting used to, but give it a bit of time and they'll start growing on you.

The M3 certainly looks muscular and strong, thanks to its blistered wheel arches
Along with those blistered wheel arches, the M3 Competition looks very different from its Teutonic competitors. It is muscular, hunkered down and ready to pounce at the command of your right foot.

And boy can it pounce. The 503bhp and 650Nm of torque from its twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre straight-six might sound like a handful for the rear wheels, but the car handles everything like a champ.

This is thanks in part to the new M differential, which delivers power quickly and effectively to provide better turn-in and grip. You'll never doubt the M3's corner-carving abilities when you do push it.

I know for a fact that its two-door sibling somehow feels a tad more precise at the limit. But I would rather have the Isle of Man Green Metallic M3 over the Sao Paulo Yellow M4 - which I heard is Jeremy's favourite.

Jeremy prefers a sports car that faithfully responds to his every input...

Since I am older (41) than my colleague, you might expect me to opt for the more 'sensible' M3 Competition instead of the M4. As Idris mentioned, it gives you everyday usability with no compromise in performance.

When it comes to making a statement with regards to its looks, there's nothing quite like the M4
But after having driven both cars, I cannot help but pick the M4 over the M3, for it is just too good to resist.

From the moment I get behind its wheel, everything feels right. In fact, everything feels natural. The car understands me and what I want from it.

My first drive felt more like a first dance - with a partner who was willing to be lead. Like the M3, the M4 is also powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six that kicks out 503bhp and 650Nm.

But here, the output feels more palpable than in the M3. Though both cars can demolish the century sprint in 3.9 seconds, the M4 feels more willing than its sibling.

The M4 feels a little bit sharper around corners, despite sharing the same platform
It is this eagerness to rev, corner and play that endears the M4 to me. If I want it to twirl, it twirls. If I push it harder, it grips and goes. I can only imagine how much more it can give on a racetrack.

That said, the M4 is pretty good around town, too. Even with the settings dialled up, it remains pliant enough for daily use. I don't mind the limited space either.

But the M3 Competition is different. Though just as dynamic and capable, there is a slight hesitation in how it performs. It prefers a more demanding driving style before it reveals its abilities.

To me, a high-performance car should always be ready to rock, or in this case, dance. And that is what makes the M4 Competition more awesome than its sibling.

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