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Text | Nigel Fong
Photos | Low Fai Ming

28 SEP 2022
MCF returns for the second instalment of its post-COVID Hangout, allowing participants to get up close and personal with two of the marque's flagship models, the Arteon and Touareg, while learning more about them from Ernie and Julian.

Just two weeks after the last Hangout session, Mycarforum (MCF) has made a comeback at the Volkswagen Showroom along Alexandra Road. This time, 60 MCF members showed up to discover and learn more about two new and exciting flagships from the German marque.
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When it comes to value, not many car manufacturers can hold a candle to Volkswagen. The brand has always had a strong reputation for making cars which are value for money, offering premium build quality and a bevy of standard features not found in others.

Afterall, Volkswagen means 'Peoples' Car' in German. With Volkswagen, not being a multi-millionaire doesn't mean you don't get to enjoy the finer things in life. In other words, democratising top-drawer quality has always been a hallmark of Volkswagen.
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Regardless of whether it is a Golf or Sharan, Volkswagen has become synonymous with a solid, Teutonic-like build quality and an assuring driving experience. However, if you want to go further upmarket at Volkswagen, the marque opens up a whole new and exciting world of possibilities with the Volkswagen Arteon and Touareg.
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Witnessing the Volkswagen Arteon R-Line in real life is a sight to behold. The Volkswagen Arteon is one of those cars which stops you in your steps. You can't help but to take in the smooth, flowing, yet muscular and purposeful lines.

Every angle of the refreshed Arteon is an exercise in visual indulgence. To the untrained eye, the Arteon will certainly not look out of place in the company of more exotic cars down Orchard Boulevard.
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You step closer to open the frameless doors, a simple yet intensely aesthetic design choice in its own right, and sink into the welcoming space which is the Arteon's interior. Every element in the Arteon is well thought out, from driving position to the feel of the steering wheel in yours hands.

To say then, that the Arteon stands out in a field of premium German coupe-like sedans, is an understatement.
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The Arteon, as all rounded as it may be, may not meet the trendy SUV body style loved by many nowadays. That brings the Volkswagen Touareg R-Line into the picture. As a premium family hauler, the Touareg is hard to beat.

Boasting a cavernous 810 litres of boot space and generous amounts of leg and head room, the Touareg is sure to please every member of the family.
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Ernie Chua, Volkswagen Group Singapore's Senior Trainer, brought the MCF crowd through a brief history of the Volkswagen marque, highlighting how the brand has always aimed to bring quality automobiles to the masses. Afterall, this was the brand which introduced the revolutionary Volkswagen Beetle which democratised personal transport.

He then went on to talk about present-day Volkswagen, particularly about the technological advancements the brand has made. He expressed great favour for the Touareg's massive 15-inch infotainment system, and how it was an absolute joy to use due to its ergonomics and customisation.
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Julian Kho, General Manager, Media at Sgcarmart, sang the praises of the new Volkswagen Arteon. He commented about how the new Arteon was more efficient than the old model and yet, still had the firepower to boot. He specifically said that the Arteon 'gets up to speed really, really quickly'.

Seems like the Arteon is not a case of 'all-show, no-go' then.
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Not only is the Arteon a capable performer, Julian also commended the Arteon for its ability to do the daily run impeccably well. He cited his own stint with the Arteon, talking about how it made the family feel good due to its composed ride, and how the huge capacity engulfed any family goods that were thrown at it.
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No MCF Hangout would be complete without experiencing the driving experience of the featured cars. As participants waited their turn for their go at a test drive of the cars, they were treated to a delightful buffet-style dinner.
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Finally, an exciting lucky draw brought the event to a close, with the winner bringing the gorgeous Volkswagen Arteon home for a weekend drive. Two $30 petrol voucher consolation prizes were also given out for the lucky draw.
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Keen to experience and learn more about the exhilarating Volkswagen Arteon? Click here to book a test drive at the Volkswagen Showroom now!