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The second generation Audi Q5 is a sharp-looking SUV that's beautifully finished, highly refined and delightfully comfortable.

04 Sep 2017

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What you're looking at is the second generation Audi Q5 - a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that goes against the likes of the Porsche Macan, the BMW X3, the Mercedes-Benz GLC and the upcoming Range Rover Velar.

I've had the opportunity to drive quite a number of different cars over the past eight years and I seldom return a fully pumped test car with a quarter tank left, even when I have the car over three days.

The Q5 sports an enlarged hatch silhouette from the side

We drive a fair bit, of course, to ensure we get the accurate notes of the car for the story, but seldom to the extend of driving close to 500km over such a short period of time.

With the Q5, however, that was what I did.

It's that good, huh?

Unfortunately, the story is not going to go the way you think it's going to be. I mean, the Q5 is good, but there's nothing to shout about. It's a predictable machine that will get the job done but every journey isn't going to be an occasion.

550 litres of boot space will easily see to your weekly needs

If you were to compare it with, say, the Porsche Macan or the Jaguar F-PACE, the Audi kind of loses out in terms of dynamic driveability, mainly due to the lack of steering involvement.

Then if you were to pit it against a mid-size modernity like the Range Rover Velar, you cannot help but to feel the Q5's aging dullness of its nevertheless clean and sharp styling.

But therein lies its charm, methinks.

An example to follow

Step into the car and you'll immediately feel the exceptional sense of ingenuity. It's different from stepping into a Lexus or a Rolls-Royce where words like luxury, plush and lavish come into play. With the Q5, it's like getting an Apple iPhone or a MacBook. There's a simple reason for everything that's made and a reason behind another reason for the sake of functionality.

Cabin of the Q5 sets the benchmark for its peers in its class

Take for instance the shape of the shift lever. The flat-top is made for you to rest your wrist on it while you use the touch pad. This makes it a lot easier for you to write on the touch pad or to control the rotary knob. Another example is how the doors are stretched all the way down. This ergonomically-sound design eliminates the dirtying of your calves when you get out of the car.

It's these very simple yet elegant design elements that add up to make the whole experience of owning a car like the Audi Q5 that much more enjoyable. It's almost like Audi is setting an example of how cars' cabins should be like.

An eye towards functionality - the flat-top shift lever helps to support your wrist when writing on the touch pad or when meddling with the rotary knob

More importantly, there's clarity in the dials and buttons. Unlike some cars where there's a need to second guess, everything in here is logically positioned and clearly labelled, allowing for a stress-free, straightforward operation even when on the move.
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Car Information

There's a promotion for Audi Q5


: $241,200

Engine Type


4-cylinder in-line 16-valve DOHC Turbocharged

Engine Cap





185kW (248 bhp) / 6000 rpm



370 Nm / 4500 rpm



7-speed (A) S tronic

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption


13.5 km/L

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