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03 Apr 2019

Facelift (What's New)
4.4-litre V8 now pumps out 530bhp and 750Nm of torque
Kidney grille has increased in size by 40%
Slimmer head and taillights, giving the 7er a modern look
Cabin quality has been upped a notch
Cabin insulation is significantly improved
It is now more comfortable to pilot the 7er

The facelifted BMW 7 Series flagship sedan has a sumptuous cabin, more rolling refinement and high levels of driving dynamics.

It is true. The previous generations of 7 Series had constantly fallen behind Audi and Mercedes-Benz when it came to aesthetics, cabin luxury and rolling refinement.

But where it falls short, BMW more than makes up for it with its driving dynamics - a key aspect of the brand that has made it one of the leading car manufacturers in the world.

A more sophisticated design can now be sported at the rear of the 7 Series, with its slimmer taillights and full-width light strip

It has caught up luxury

That goes without saying that with this 7er that just went under the knife, enhancements have been made obvious to ensure that BMW's flagship sedan is now on par, or perhaps even better, with the Audi A8 and the segment-leading Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Which is perhaps why the car now comes with additional sound insulation around the rear wheel arches and has thicker glass windows, laminated to 5.1mm, for the windscreen, side and rear windows - all for the purpose of enhanced comfort and a quieter ride.

There are even new appointments in the 7er's cabin that have to be its best yet. From its Nappa leather seats and the new trimming on the dashboard to the fully digital instrument cluster and infotainment screen, everything in here exudes the refinement and extravagance that befit a royal family.

The cabin exudes an extravagance that is befitting of royalty

Fit and finish are almost without fault, the materials feel suitably high-end and even the iDrive Controller and buttons operate slickly.

It has caught up with refinement

Just like its cabin, there are higher levels of sophistication in the way the 7 Series behaves on the road.

To drive, the sizeable sedan certainly feels more like a cruiser than a bruiser, even though a mighty V8 powerplant residing underneath its bonnet would easily make this particular 7 Series a progressively-designed 530bhp missile.

It's polite and refined, but it is capable of turning in keenly with lots of feel and feedback from the chatty steering wheel as it neatly tightens its line through mid-corners and provides prompt reactions from its all-wheel drive system to ensure there's no oversteer as you gun out of corners.

On the go, our 750Li xDrive will finish the century sprint in just 4.1 seconds

There's a fool-proof nature to its handling that makes the 7er very easy to go fast. And confidently, too, mind you - something its peers can almost never claim from the Bavarian marque.
And with its improved levels of rolling refinement, you get the sense that broken tarmac and humps are now all absorbed with better control, isolating occupants on board more intuitively. Of course this could be due to the air suspension that came equipped with our test car here, but one can hardly deny the refinement and improvement the 7 Series has achieved.

As with its new cabin, the 7er now has higher levels of refinement and comfort on the road

It has caught up with contemporary appeal

Clearly, one can also hardly deny the size of the kidney grille now. It has grown by 40% over the previous model, giving it that instantly recognisable look.

Exaggerated its looks may be, especially with its grille, this car is actually quite handsome. And to these pair of eyes, it's more unified that any of its peers out there. The balance of the hard and soft edges is well struck and there is, thus, that strong appeal from the 7er that makes it hard for you to dislike.

In fact, from the kidney grille and the newly designed front bumper to the full-width light strip at the rear and new taillights, there is no refuting that the 7er grows on you.

BMW says that the increase in grille size is all for the sake of enhancing its presence and differentiating the 7er from the rest of the models in its lineup

It has caught up to be the best

Singapore wil be getting the base 730Li, the 740Li and the top-of-the-line M760Li. Needless to say, we can expect the 745Le xDrive Plug-in Hybrid as well.

However, the Plug-in Hybrid as well as the M760Li are only available on an indent basis, but for now, seriously, who cares?

My guess is with these range of enhancements - cabin standards, driving refinement and high levels of dynamism - even the cheapest 7 Series will not feel like a poor man's flagship sedan in relation to its rivals.

The 4.4-litre V8 engine is good for a massive 530bhp and a head-spinning 750Nm of torque

So while it is true that previous generations of the 7 Series had constantly fallen behind rivals when it came to aesthetics, cabin luxury and rolling refinement, know that it is also true that the tables have turned with this up-to-date 7 Series - the most luxurious car BMW now makes.

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