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30 Sep 2019

Facelift (What's New)
'60 Years' logo detailing on exterior and interior
Exclusive 17-inch Burnished Spokes design wheels
Exclusive Dark Maroon leather seats with green piping
MINI Connected as standard

The MINI 60 Years Edition adds a subtle new glean and shine to an already charming package.

A MINI is more than just a car (though it's definitely still a car). See, the value proposition of a MINI is always a little bit complicated.

It's generally too small and lacking in day-to-day practicality to be a 'sensible family car'. It's not really cheap enough to be an 'affordable  car'. Its lively and eager demeanour mean it's not always the most relaxing car to use. And, of course, it has a particular sort of look, with all the connotations that come with it.

The '60 Years' logo can be found on one of the go-faster stripes

The inherent character of a MINI is what sets it apart - more than just a car, it's also a lifestyle choice and a fashion accessory. Choosing a MINI means making a conscious decision to buy into a particular sort of aesthetic, motoring or otherwise.

Thus, celebrating the unique character of a MINI is essential to the brand. To celebrate the brand's 60th anniversary, MINI has launched this 60 Years Edition model, available on the Cooper, Cooper S, Cooper 5-Door, as well as the Cooper S 5-Door you see here.

The cosmetic changes on the 60 Years Edition set it apart from you standard Cooper S 5-Door

It's a sticker pack, yah?

Essentially, this 60 Years Edition is a cosmetic update to the facelifted MINI range.

In this 60 Years Edition, you will find several details unique to this model. These include '60 Years' logos on the left-hand bonnet stripe, as well as the side scuttles of the turn indicator. There are also exclusive 17-inch wheels, and a special Pepper White roof colour. Also, when you open the door, instead of a MINI logo projected onto the ground, you have a '60 Years' logo instead. 

The exclusive Dark Maroon leather seats feature contrasting green stitching

Slide on inside and yep, more '60 Years' logos to be found, such as on the seats, steering wheel and door sill finishers. The interior also features an exclusive Dark Maroon colour sports seat with contrasting green piping, as well as an exclusive interior surface finisher with green and silver pinstripes.
So it's just cosmetic?

Obviously, these additions do nothing to change the mechanical nature of the car. Not that the car really needed much changing, to be fair.

The car is still powered by a delightfully punchy 2.0-litre powerplant

This Cooper S is powered by a lovely 2.0-litre engine that's capable of pushing out 189bhp and 280Nm of torque. Acceleration is brisk, and when you get past 4,000rpm the soundtrack is really rather pleasing. The car is agile, alert and fun to drive. The new seven-speed gearbox also means cruising at highway speeds is more refined and comfortable. So, you know, it's a MINI we know and love.

However, one thing that has been updated is the MINI Connected suite of services, which comes as standard. It gives you access to personalised services, and now also includes Apple CarPlay connectivity and Real-Time Traffic Information. 

When you open the door, the '60 Years' logo is projected into the floor

So what's the point?

Remember, a MINI is more than just a car. Special edition models like this 60 Years Edition are crucial, because they help to accentuate the character inherent to these cars.

Yes, to some people, this is just a bunch of fancy stickers and lights, which, it certainly is. But when it comes to a MINI, cosmetics matter (perhaps more so than any other brand). Part of the brand appeal is how these cars look. And this 60 Years Edition certainly looks the part.

The 60 Years Edition is a celebration of the charming and lovable character of all MINIs

To MINI lovers, this 60 Years Edition brings an added amount of shine to an already charming and lovable car. And 60 years on, there's no doubting that MINIs still have the innate ability to charm.
Car Information
MINI Cooper S 5-Door 2.0 60 Years Edition (A)
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Engine Type


4-cylinder in-line 16-valve Turbocharged

Engine Cap





141kW (189 bhp) / 6000 rpm



280 Nm / 4600 rpm



7-speed (A) DCT

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption



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