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The Porsche Cayenne Coupe delivers additional style and personality without sacrificing fundamental SUV practicality and versatility.

28 Feb 2020

The Porsche Cayenne Coupe is proof that with the right marketing, you can literally sell anything.

Porsche took its most practical, utilitarian and versatile model, the Cayenne, made it less practical, utilitarian and versatile, and is charging more money for it. And of course, some people are still going to buy this car (if not Porsche wouldn't have made it).


Style and function

The sloping roofline of the Cayenne Coupe echoes the brand's iconic design language
The Cayenne Coupe is obviously styled differently from the standard Cayenne. The front windscreen and A-pillar are shallower than the standard Cayenne thanks to a 20mm lowered roof edge. The redesigned rear doors and wings, as well as wider rear axle track, broaden the rear of the vehicle by 18mm. And of course, the rear roof line slopes dramatically, echoing the brand's iconic 911 design language.

Basically, Porsche have made the car rather pretty. With the recent trend for SUVs to be more muscular and bulky, the Cayenne Coupe comes across as almost elegant and genteel. From the wheel arches up, it basically looks like a Panamera (or a 911, or a Macan, or you know, every other damn Porsche). It also does a fantastic job of hiding its size (and sizeable wheelbase), and could almost be mistaken for the smaller Macan.

The instrument cluster features two 7.0-inch digital displays
The interior is an expectedly lovely place to be in. It's high-tech, comfortable, premium and luxurious. You get all the latest Porsche gizmos, such as the 12-inch full-HD touchscreen Porsche Communication Management infotainment system, as well as the two 7.0-inch digital displays in the instrument cluster.

Qualms? The sloping roofline means that the rear window aperture is really quite small for a car that's really quite big. It offers up enough visibility, just about. The car also comes equipped with two rear seats as standard, so it's not exactly the most family-friendly. You can option the oh-so-traditional three-row rear bench, but where's the fun in that? Smartly, the rear seats are 30mm lower to compensate for the sloping roof, so it's still spacious and comfortable enough. 

Power and action

The 3.0-litre V6 engine delivers power in a prompt and gutsy manner
On the road, the Cayenne Coupe sounds and drive just like a Porsche should.

The 3.0-litre V6 engine packs plenty of power, with 335bhp and 450Nm of torque capable of accelerating the car from 0-100km/h in six seconds.

Brakes are fantastic, the gearbox faultless, and the standard Porsche Active Suspension Management system allows you to customise the car's ride to your preference. Our personal preference is either Sport, or Individual with the dampers set to sport and the drivetrain set to Normal.

$53,749 gets you an Alcanatara steering wheel, among many other things
The Cayenne Coupe is amply quick in a straight line, and also acquits itself well in corners. Don't expect 911-like handling, but for a big SUV it really drives quite well. It is really impressive for a car its size, and actually drives smaller than it actually is.

Our test car also came equipped with the Lightweight Sport Package, which includes 22-inch wheels, Alcantara roof lining and steering wheel, and a lightweight carbon fibre roof, among other weight saving measures (saves 18kg to 22kg). $53,749, because #carbonfibreislyfe.

Passion and fashion

The Porsche Cayenne Coupe is good to look at, good to drive, and makes you feel real good
This car as tested comes with $101,065 worth of options. That's obviously a little bit silly, but then again you don't buy a Porsche by thinking purely rationally. You buy these sorts of thing with some combination of head and heart.

The Cayenne Coupe is slightly pricier than the standard Cayenne, but it's undeniably more stylish and personable. Between the two, this is probably the one to have. The package is more unique and 'cooler', without sacrificing that much in the way of practicality. And of course, Porsche's endless list of options means that you can customise the car just how you want it.

That said, you don't buy such a car because you need one (there are SUVs that you can buy on the cost of the options on this car alone). You buy such cars because you want one, but more importantly, because you can.

See, you literally can sell anything.

Need to see more of that swooping roofline or the Cayenne Coupe's space in the rear? Why not watch our video review as well?

Car Information

Porsche Cayenne Coupe 3.0 (A)
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: $360,188

Engine Type


V6 Twin-scroll Turbocharged

Engine Cap





254kW (340 bhp) / 6400 rpm



450 Nm / 5300 rpm



8-speed (A) Tiptronic S

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption


10.1 km/L

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