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11 Mar 2021

Facelift (What's New)
Redesigned front and rear S-line bumpers
Standard LED Matrix head lights
12.3-inch Audi virtual cockpit and 10.1-inch Audi MMI infotainment system
12V mild hybrid system

The Audi A5 Sportback has all the traits of a traditional coupe, but with added practicality for your longer journeys.

From svelte looks to strong performance and a quality ride, there are plenty of traits that one automatically associates with a coupe.

This Audi A5 Sportback not only offers all these, but also throws in two additional doors and a good degree of everyday practicality as well.

Deja vu?

Redesigned silver accents at the rear bumpers place added emphasis on those gorgeous tailpipes
If you're thinking you've seen this car reviewed already, you're mostly right. You might even have already seen our video review here.

But this isn't the same car. Not quite.

To start off, this S-line quattro variant offers far more aggressive looks, thanks to its silver accents in the front and bumpers. In Singapore, this variant will also gets its rims enlarged from 18 to 19-inch items.

More significantly, this variant gets the output from its 2.0-litre four-cylinder bumped up to 245bhp.

Sporty Sportback

Active dampers mean you get reasonable pliancy over bumps and tight body control over bad roads
Overall, I think the new aesthetic changes work great. The accents at the front add a good degree of aggression to the car, while those at the rear draw your eyes to the distinctive trapezoidal exhaust tips.

And on the go the changes make themselves felt as well.

This 2.0-litre is strong all throughout the rev range and pairs well with the seven-speed Steptronic gearbox, which delivers quick and seamless shifts with minimal shift shock.

The net result is a linear, electric car-like acceleration whenever you stab the throttle. Its truly something that needs to be experienced to be believed. The operation of the mild hybrid start/stop system meanwhile, is barely perceptible. Expect an average fuel economy of 10km/L.

Practical coupe

Leather/leatherette combination Sport seats tuck you in nicely, but will give you a warm back on sunny afternoons
But it isn't just hard charging with this fastback. Take things easy and you will find that the car's suspension, although firm, rounds off sharper road edges nicely. This variant also gets active dampers - a $4,401 option on the 148bhp A5 Sportback - and they work great, arresting any unwanted body movement, even on undulating roads.

Those looking to cover great distances in the A5 Sportback can also take heart in knowing that cabin insulation is excellent, with only a fair amount of tyre road making itself heard at speeds.

And should there be passengers following along with you on your journeys, they will find decent space at the rear and sufficient headroom, despite that sloping roof. The transmission tunnel does jut out quite a fair bit I'm afraid, so you might be better off just ferrying two at the rear.

All 245bhp from the 2.0-litre engine come in a linear fashion, making urgent manoeuvres effortless
I did find, however, that the Leather/leatherette combination that upholsters the front Sports seats offer very little ventilation and can leave your back feeling warm on hot days.

Ventilation for the front seats are available at $2,704 extra, and will be well worth it if you are planning to drive through a number of afternoons.

It's a good thing, then, that this A5 Sportback offers physical air-conditioning controls.

Of course, that fastback rear hatch also means that you get a massive aperture for loading and unloading, always handy for bulky items.

Strong all-rounder

At $287,840 (price as of 9 March 2021), this quattro Sportback is asking for a $77,600 premium above the 148bhp variant. That's not exactly spare change but if you're looking for a four-door coupe that can do it all, this variant should be your pick.
Car Information


: -

Engine Type


4-cylinder in-line 16-valve Turbocharged

Engine Cap





183kW (245 bhp)



370 Nm / 4500 rpm



7-speed (A) S tronic

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption



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