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The capable all electric iX3 gets updated with new exterior design elements, as well as more modern cabin equipment.

22 Dec 2021

Facelift (What's New)
Refreshed exterior design with larger air intakes, reworked bumpers and a distinctive taillight design
M Sport package comes as standard
Updated 12.3-inch infotainment system with new centre console cluster found in other contemporary BMWs

Alongside the launch of the brand new iX, BMW also introduced the facelifted iX3 fresh on the heels of its local launch just a few months ago.

We got some time behind the wheel of the refreshed model to check out what's new.

Huh, wasn't the iX3 just launched a few months ago?

The facelift brings a new front fascia with additional blue accents, as well as new wheels
Yes, the iX3 was launched less than half a year ago. Why is it already being facelifted, you may wonder? Well, the iX3 is based on the standard production X3, of which the current generation G01 model first debuted in 2017. The X3 has been recently facelifted in the middle of 2021, so the iX3 (still based on that same platform) has been similarly updated as well.

The front grille has been slightly enlarged, and now features the i badge to clearly demarcate the model's electric standing. The front end also features a reworked design, with larger air intakes accented in blue, as well as a reworked front bumper that gives the iX3 a 'smiley-face' look. At the rear, there's a distinctive new taillight design, as well as a more pronounced rear diffuser. Also, the wheel design is new.

The centre console now shares the same layout and functionality as other contemporary BMWs
Overall, the car still looks fairly traditional (it is still based on the X3 shell afterall), compared to some of the more out there designs of other modern electric SUVs. People who prefer a level of anonymity to their electric mobility will probably prefer this more understated approach.

Inside, you immediately notice the new centre console, which now features the same infotainment and centre cluster controls you'd find in other contemporary BMWs. These changes are certainly meaningful. Not only do you get the improved functionality of Operating System 7.0 and the larger 12.3-inch screen, as well as much neater centre console, but more importantly, you won't ever step into the car and feel like you're sitting in an older car. The cabin now feels entirely modern and contemporary.

The 12.3-inch infotainment system offers intuitive operation, as well as the Intelligent Personal Assistant
You also get Vernasca leather sport seats as standard, an Anthracite-coloured headliner, and interior trim strips in the new Aluminium Rhombicle dark finish. These are all part of the M Sport package, which now comes standard on the iX3.

But the electric drivetrain is the same?

The refreshed iX3 uses the same fifth generation eDrive drivetrain as before. I mean, this drivetrain was just very recently launched, so there was never going to be any notable change on this front.

Nothing wrong with that, though. As we already experienced with the pre-facelift model, the iX3's electric drivetrain is impressive. You've got plenty of electric torque that makes for easy acceleration. A realistic 400km range is solid. The available 150kW DC charging capability again still exceeds what's mostly available here in Singapore.

The iX3 is a comfortable and easy-to-use SUV, with a solid all electric range of around 400km
The rest of the mechanical package is unchanged. This is still a comfortable and easy car to drive and use daily. It is, for all intents and purposes, an X3 - a practical, sensible, family-friendly compact SUV.

The ample available safety and driver assistance systems also help augment the overall package. In particular, the standard Driving Assistant Professional is stellar - in top of just maintaining speed and distance with the car in front of you, it can also keep you in the middle of the lane, as well as execute lane changes for you.

So, cosmetic change, then?

The updated iX3 continues to be a compelling choice for buyers keen to get into electric cars
This facelift is largely a cosmetic and equipment update. I think the equipment updates are valuable - they make the car feel contemporary and modern.

The most enticing part of the iX3 previously was the fact that it was the cheapest model in the broader X3 lineup that you could buy. This new one, with the additional equipment, has bumped up the price a little. It's no longer the cheapest, although the difference between this and the new base X3 xDrive20i is $2,000, so that's not really that much.

This updated iX3 is still an entirely enticing opportunity to go electric. It's capable, functional, premium, and very competitively priced. Thus, it's still as compelling a choice as before.

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BMW iX3 Electric M Sport Impressive 80 kWh (A)
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