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Online based car sharing allows you to share a car at an hourly basis within your vicinity to registered users - all from the convenience of your smartphone.

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Car prices in Singapore

We have reached a time where simple, budget consciouscars like the Toyota Corolla, VW Jetta or the Suzuki Swift has crossed the $100,000 pricing.

Bundle that with maintenance cost and rising fuel prices, and Singapore becomes the most expensive place to own a car in the Blue Planet.

With the new ARF rates and bank loan restrictions, owning a simple Japanese car might be a hurdle to many

The popular alternative - car rentals

Car rental, as it suggests, means that cars can be 'borrowed' for a period of time, usually from a day to as long as a month for a fee.

Car rental is a straightforward and common practice here especially during extended weekend holidays or during festive periods like Hair Raya or Chinese New Year.

Big players like Hertz are not as popular here as in western countries. In fact, due to competitive prices, most turn to smaller outfits, usually found through Classifieds or word-of-mouth recommendations

Car rentals offer the convenience travelling without having to commit to major costs akin with car ownership - like maintenance, taxes and monthly dues.
Modus Operandi

Car rental companies offer a range of vehicles from normal family sedans to performance vehicles. Despite the no strings attached approach of car rentals, there can be a few drawbacks and we reckon the main problems are - location and duration of rent.

Car rentals operate like an interchange and more often than not, customers have to travel to a specific location to collect/or return the car.

Some rentals offer valet services but naturally these come with an additional fee.

Car sharing is not a new concept here, but peer to peer car sharing by iCarsClub is the first in Asia

Peer to peer car sharing

Peer to peer car sharing like iCarsClub serves the grey area between car ownership and car rentals. There are two aspects to car sharing - the car owner who is sharing his car, and the renter who is renting out his vehicle.

Car Rental vs Car Sharing

The objective of car rental and car sharing is similar - they both rent out cars to users who need them. Yet the difference lies with the fleet rented out.

The cars rented out by car rentals are obtained from company purchases or leased by the rental company..

In contrast, cars available for car sharing are owned by car owners who have voluntarily put up their cars for 'rent'. It's like sub leasing your flat rather than renting directly from housing agents.

With no middle man involved, major advantages for peer to peer car sharing includes more convenient location, a wider variety of cars and a flexible renting period.
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