Is servicing your car on time really that important?
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Text | Goh Zhi Xuan
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9 May 2019
It wouldn't hurt to service the car later right? That's what you might tell yourself, but is it really the case? Find out why regular servicing is important.

Generally, your car should be sent for regular servicing at intervals of 10,000km mileage or every six months (whichever comes first). In many cases, however, this might not happen. Unless you drive a brand new car and chose to stick to a strict servicing schedule at the dealership, chances are your hectic schedule gets in the way and car servicing is the last thing on your mind. Is putting off regular car servicing till a later date possibly a disastrous decision, or is it just a harmless practise?
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Why is engine oil needed?

To understand the importance of regular servicing, we must first find out the role of engine oil in keeping your car running properly. All engines consist of many moving metal parts, and this includes parts that grind against each other perpetually. Without adequate lubrication, these parts will wear out quickly while generating excessive heat, seriously damaging the engine in the process. Engine oil (also known as lubricant) provides the lubrication that is needed by these highly stressed rotating and reciprocating parts. At the same time, the engine oil also carries away the heat generated, cooling the engine parts as it flows, playing an important role in keeping the engine in a safe operating temperature.
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What are the types of engine oils?

Engine oils are not only differentiated by brands, they are also categorised by different types which are fundamentally different. Generally, there are three different types of engine oil in the market.
Mineral Oil

1. Mineral oil

Mineral oil are made from base oils extracted from crude oil, these are also known as conventional engine oil, as these were the original type of engine oil that was readily available. Mineral oil are less refined and hence cheaper to produce, such oils are generally fine for general usage. An example of mineral oil is Motul's Multigrade Plus range.
Technosynthese oil

2. Technosynthese oil

This refers to a blend of mineral and synthetic oils, they are also marketed as semi-synthetic or synthetic blend. These engine oil strikes a balance between the affordable mineral oils and the top-of-the-line 100% synthetic oils. They are also highly resistant to oxidation. An example of Technosynthese oil is Motul's 6100 range of engine oil.
100% synthetic oil

3. 100% synthetic oil

True 100% synthetic oil such as Motul's 8100 and 300V range of engine oil are developed from the molecules. These are engine oil that are produced free of any mineral or crude oil, allowing maximum lubrication, much better properties such as resistance to pressure. This means that strictest quality control can be achieved, offering maximum protection for your engine, while lasting much longer between oil changes.
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Is there a need for engine oil to be changed regularly?

Engine oil deteriorates over time due to many reasons, and it will come to a point where they are no longer able to effectively protect the engine from excessive wear. Engine oil loses its effectiveness due to several factors such as oxidation, heat, moisture, depleted additives, and viscosity loss. They can also get contaminated by fuel which went past the piston rings, metal shavings from engine parts and dirt from an air intake in poor condition. As such, it is of great importance to change your engine oil regularly so as to prevent premature failure of your car's engine, which will undoubtedly result in excruciatingly high repair bills.
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What will happen if engine oil is not changed?

By delaying engine oil changes, you will be running the engine with deteriorated oil that is no longer effective in protecting the engine. This will result in higher wear rate of precious engine components which will be costly to repair in the future. It can also result in the formation of sludge in the engine. The engine might also overheat as there is higher friction between the moving parts. All of these will result in loss of performance, higher fuel consumption and costly engine damages in the long run.
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Choose the perfect engine oil for your car.

Clearly, good engine oil will not only need to have excellent lubricating properties, it also has to withstand the rigors of everyday usage and continue to perform well after thousands of kilometres of mileage clocked. As such, getting engine oil that can resist oxidation and viscosity loss is the priority.

100% synthetic engine oils will usually fare better as they do not deteriorate as fast, does not turn sludgy easily and will not have as much deposits due to their greater refinement. This makes it the best type of engine oil to go for if you value engine protection.

Motul's 8100 range of engine oil is 100% synthetic, furthermore they also have excellent shear stability (well above the engine oil standards) and high shear resistance, which means that it will not lose viscosity easily, ensuring protection of the engine parts. The 8100 range has a high High Temperature High Shear (HTHS) viscosity, this means that it offers much better wear protection especially for powerful cars. With an excellent balance of detergent and dispersant, it will also be able to keep your engine clean and prevent deposits.
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Get your car serviced with Motul!

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