5 ways drivers can overcome the virus blues
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Staying home keeps you safe, but in order to stay sane, you might need some activities to keep you occupied and your brain in prime working state!

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Working from home might sound like heaven at first. No squeezy bus or MRT rides, no need to dress up, and you get to work in the comfort of your own home. You can even lie down on your bed and take a short break if you want to - who's there to judge you?

After being cooped up at home for a while, you will realise that it really isn't as great as you imagined at first. The lines between work and rest become blurred and your home now starts to feel like your office - adapting to such working conditions is mentally confusing and straining. All of us surely need some distraction during this circuit breaker (CB) period to keep our spirits up. So, here are the five ways drivers can overcome the virus blues!

1. Surf the sgCarMart app and website

There's everything and anything you want to read about on our website!
Seriously, we cover all topics under the sun about cars. You can easily spend a couple of hours a day on our site, learning new things about cars. You can read about the features, functions as well as our verdicts on the latest cars in the Car Review section. This will be highly beneficial to the process of choosing the perfect new car to buy.

Next up, is our Advice section. You can find all kinds of helpful information for car owners here. It ranges from which shops you should go to get your car problems solved, to what you should do in the event of an accident, as well as other guides such as how to choose the best tyre for your needs.

We also take all the relevant car news, local and around the world, and collate them in one easy-to-find location - within our Car News section. You can read about the latest car launches, car product launches as well as important information that drivers need to know about - such as LTA's safe distancing measures during this circuit breaker period.

Continue on to our Features section and you can find countless in-depth write-ups on your favourite car companies, products as well as our analysis on the latest motoring situation here. Of course, you can also check out our massive listings of cars for sale to hunt for the next car that you are getting once this virus is over and done with.

Start hunting for your next car now. Check out our massive listings of cars for sale here!

2. Watch car videos on YouTube

Have you checked out our latest car review videos on YouTube yet?
YouTube is an excellent repository for videos on all things car related. If you want to take a break from reading, or you are simply someone who really enjoy watching videos, you won't go wrong with YouTube. You can find channels that teach you how to work on your car, videos that teach you driving techniques, car modification videos, as well as car review videos - remember to check out our sgCarMart's latest car review videos! Here are some of our favourite car-related YouTube channels:

1. Mighty Car Mods - This channel features plenty of DIY car modifications work by Marty and Moog. Their videos are guaranteed to blow your minds if you are the mechanically-inclined. And every now and then they also have some feature-length films - the one about their escapades in Japan is really great!

2. Donut Media - It covers all sorts of topics on cars. One of our favourite is the Up To Speed series where various car enthusiast's favourite cars' history are thoroughly explained in a tongue-in-cheek and engaging way.

3. Engineering Explained - Engineering topics about cars can be difficult to understand without visual aids, especially so for the average Joe. This channel offers clear and easy to understand explanations to how various parts of a car works, explain how some modifications work to increase the performance of a car and why you should or shouldn't do something to your car.

4. sgCarMart - Our YouTube channel features video car reviews by our Editorial Team members, on the latest cars that you can buy in Singapore. We explore aspects of the cars in a context that is highly relevant to local buyers - these are cars that you can walk into a showroom to purchase! You can spend all day watching our videos and not get bored of it!

Have you seen our latest car review videos? Check them out here!

3. Shop for car accessories and related products online

The trick to shopping during the CB period, is to not leave home
While most car accessories shops are closed during this circuit breaker period as they aren't essential services, you still can get your car maintenance items, as well as accessories online.

One such option is to order these items through Lazada. For example, Autobacs Singapore has a Lazada store. You can order all sorts of items that your car needs during this period of time, be it head light bulbs, engine oil, additives, coolant and various fluids, car detailing products or wipers and other car accessories.

If you are not concerned about the extended waiting time, you can also check out overseas online stores such as Taobao and AliExpress. If you know what you are looking for, there are all sorts of items for sale on these sites, be it car repair parts, accessories or even performance modification parts!

With access to parts and tools through these online shops, you might even be able to do some minor DIY work on your car - swap out blown bulbs and top off the fluids during this period of time to keep your car ready to go.

4. Wash and detail your car

Washing your own car isn't that difficult, You should try it once the CB period is over, or if you have a landed property
Detailing and car grooming services are not essential, so during this circuit breaker period, you will have to do it yourselves should you want to keep your car prim and proper. However, do note that with the latest COVID Temporary Measures Act, you will not be allowed to leave your house for non-essential activities. Hence, you can only wash your car if it is parked in your house, i.e. a landed property.

Cleaning and detailing your car really isn't that difficult, we even have a writeup on how you can wash your car the right way to prevent damage to your car’s paintwork!

Chances are your car will spend more time being in the carpark. If it is an unsheltered area, your car will need even more protection from the elements! Hence, you should really spend some effort to clean your car and get it protected!

As mentioned earlier, you can go online to stock up on detailing supplies. Then, proceed to spend your new found free time to give your car a thorough cleaning, followed by polishing and waxing to achieve a shiny finish. (if your car has a ceramic coating, a proper wash should be sufficient.)

Prefer to leave detailing to the professionals? Check out these highly recommended detailers after the 'CB' is over!

5. Enjoy some racing games

Can't go out to a trackday? Why not consider driving simulators (you can wear your helmet for maximum realism)
Well, if you are a driver, you probably have some interest in cars eh? If so, what's better than enjoying some racing video games.

You can make use of this downtime as an opportunity to take a break from the hectic lifestyle in Singapore, and enjoy some games. These days, racing games such as the Need For Speed series features real cars, with realistic modifications - you can go wild with your virtual car build without incurring the wrath of the LTA enforcement officers here!

Some games also features livery editors. You can also come up with a fancy design, which you will able to replicate on your actual car after this circuit breaker period with one of the local car wrap expert - most car wraps are LTA-friendly here.

Driving simulators such as Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsports, iRacing as well as Assetto Corsa are also great titles that offer highly realistic driving experiences, complete with accurate physics! Of course, these games are best enjoyed with a driving wheel setup - which you can order online as well! Some of these simulators are even used by real racing drivers to practice and improve their skills. Spend some time and sharpen your skills behind the wheel while having a great time - maybe you'll become a much better driver after this circuit breaker period!

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