Car rental companies that offer affordable services for P-plate drivers
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Want to rent a car, but you have just gotten your driver's license recently? Here are some P-plate friendly car rental companies for you to choose from!

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So you've just gotten your driver's license, and you're raring to hit the road and drive all over Singapore with your mates. However, you don't have a car! Fret not, we've found a couple of rental companies that won't shun you away if you're a P-plater

Writer's note: Different companies have different rental cars, rates and leasing packages. For more information on the respective listing of rental companies, just click on their link!

*The following car rental companies have been listed according to alphabetical order

AKA Car Rental

Affordable rental rates and a wide range of well-maintained vehicles makes AKA Car Rental a perfect choice!
Pronounced as 'ey-kay' car rental, AKA Car Rental provides a wide variety of cars for you eager beaver drivers. Its rental rates are super affordable, with a wide range of well-maintained and clean vehicles.

Furthermore, you will not need to pay a deposit to engage its rental services. AKA Car Rental has two branches Located at Kaki Bukit and Commonwealth to cater to customers living in the east and west side of Singapore.

View all rental cars from AKA Car Rental.

Address: 1 Commonwealth Lane #02-05 One Commonwealth S(149544)
Contact number: 8188 0754 / 6779 7411

Bolt Car Leasing Pte Ltd

Bolt Car Leasing is the prefered choice for corporations and individuals here!
Established in 2011, Bolt Car Leasing started its journey with a fleet of just 15 cars and a dream to revolutionise the world of automobile rental. It wanted to make car rental a more straightforward, smoother process for everyone by offering a partnership you can trust.

Today, Bolt Car Leasing is the preferred choice for corporations and individuals all over Singapore. Whether you are looking for a brand new luxury ride or a pre-owned compact model, it offers both short and long-term leasing plans to suit your every need and lifestyle.

View all rental cars from Bolt Car Leasing.

Address: 3 Hoy Fatt Road S(159504)
Contact number: 9786 7033 / 6416 9708

CL Leasing Pte Ltd

With 24-hour customer service assistance, you'll enjoy peace of mind when renting from CL Leasing!
CL Leasing's fleet of cars is well maintained and regularly serviced to give their customers peace of mind while they drive. In addition to a wide variety of car models available for your selection, CL Leasing offers 24-hour customer service assistance.

If you're looking for a longer term rental, it also offers long leases (up to 7 years!) at more-than-reasonable prices. Ask what new cars it has for rent if you want that 'new car' experience. It also has a subsidiary company, Car Lite Pte Ltd that gives you flexibility of renting a car (minimum duration of only 15 minutes to a weekly lease).

View all rental cars from CL Leasing.

Address: 1 Bukit Batok Crescent #04-57 WCEGA Plaza S(658064)
Contact number: 6769 7117 / 8720 5000 / 8720 6000 / 8720 8000 / 8720 9000

Rent My Car Pte Ltd

Rent My Car has a team that boasts 10 years of experience in the automotive industry!
Rent My Car is a relatively new player in the market (established in 2015) but by no means is it falling behind in terms of competitive pricing! If you're lucky, you might even snag one of its limited time discounts! Also, because safety is of utmost importance, it only trusts their in-house mechanics to service its fleet regularly.

Despite its infancy in the market, its dedicated team has over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry. Plus, everyone says its staffs are the friendliest and extremely polite!

View all rental cars from Rent My Car.

Address: 1 Bukit Batok Crescent #03-48 WCEGA Plaza S(658064)
Contact number: 9179 5588 / 6684 0856

Ride Now Pte Ltd

A host of value-added services are available at Ride Now, including a 24-hour breakdown assistance hotline!
Ride Now Car Rental provides a slew of augmented services if you rent from it. Delivery of vehicle to wherever you are, road tax coverage, insurance coverage and most importantly, a 24-hour breakdown assistance hotline in the event of an emergency.  

It will offer rental replacements for situations such as breakdowns, accidents, repairs, and servicing. However, if a replacement is unavailable, it will provide other forms of compensation.

View all rental cars from Ride Now.

Address: 1 Bukit Batok Crescent #04-47 WCEGA Plaza S(658064)
Contact number: 9138 0218

Sgrentacar Pte Ltd

With more than 10 years of experience in the motor industry, SGRentAcar ensures customers a worry-free ride
All cars at SGRentAcar are legally covered for rental purposes by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) with comprehensive insurance coverage to ensure customers have a worry-free ride.

It also promises a fast turnaround time for enquiries and provide 24/7 emergency assistance for any emergencies like breakdowns or accidents. With a team of individuals that have more than 10 years experience in the motor industry, you can relax in your long or short term rental!

View all rental cars from Sgrentacar.

Address: 1 Bukit Batok Crescent #02-53 WCEGA Plaza S(658064)
Contact number: 6684 5583 / 8181 0736 / 9336 6721 / 9236 7233

Tropica Enterprise

Tropica Enterprise prides itself in ensuring customer's safety, by ensuring that its fleet is regularly serviced
Tropica Enterprise's fleet of cars is all LTA compliant and are regularly cleaned and serviced (by reputable workshops). It doesn't claims to be the cheapest or have the biggest fleet, but it prides itself in ensuring its customer's safety. It would not rent out a car that its staffs do not feel comfortable driving in themselves.

At Tropica Enterprise, you don't have to worry about hidden costs or piles of paperwork. It'll provide a fuss-free and easy transaction to the best of its ability.

View all rental cars from Tropioca Enterprise.

Address: Blk 498G Tampines Street 45 S(525498)
Contact number: 6260 9394

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