Towing & roadside assistance on duty during CNY with no extra charges
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Finding help when your car breaks down during CNY can prove to be a challenge. Fret not, here's some roadside assistance providers that operate during CNY!

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The Chinese New Year (CNY) season has got to be the busiest period for many Singaporeans. More so for the numerous car workshops and service providers.

This means two things:

1. (Touch wood) if your car breaks down, wait times can be unbearably long
2. CNY surcharge

Life sometimes enjoys playing a cruel joke or two on you, whether you've gotten into an accident, your car breaks down, you've run out of gas or simply caught a flat tyre. Instead of frantically Googling which towing and roadside assistance providers are operating during the CNY period, as always, at sgCarMart, we make life easier for you. Here's a list of them for your convenience!

Swift Battery Specialist

Swift Battery Specialist is open 24 hours on all days other than Sundays, public holidays included!
Services provided: On-site car battery replacement, battery jump start, tyre puncture repair, tyre replacement

Hotline(s): 8858 9959 / 8484 3838

Swift Battery Specialist specialises in car battery replacement and car tyre puncture repair. The staff will advise you on the necessary steps to take in the event of a breakdown or tyre puncture and not only is it swift to respond to emergencies but it provides only the best service for all its customers.

It operates 24 hours daily, even on public holidays.
ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore

ARS Automotive Recovery provides on-site battery replacement, jump start and tyre puncture repair
Services provided: On-site car battery replacement, battery jump start, tyre puncture repair

Hotline(s): 8618 9000

ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore services include on-site car battery replacement and car tyre repair service. Do expect a higher-than-market price for their battery replacement as it only uses genuine premium brands like Amaron, Globatt, HOPPECKE, and DRIVE. All its batteries come with a 6 - 12 months warranty so you can drive with a peace of mind.

It operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.
The Battery Shop

The Battery Shop is yet another roadside assistance provider that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
Services provided: On-site car battery replacement, battery jump start, tyre puncture repair

Hotline(s): 8166 4455

The Battery Shop does battery replacement and on-site tyre repair services whenever, wherever and whoever. You can expect expedited service at extremely competitive prices. Customers usually opt for its 'Onsite Car Battery Warranty' package - if any of its batteries experience a manufacturing defect, it will do a one-to-one car battery replacement at no additional cost!

It provides 24/7 roadside assistance.
X-Speed Mobile Recovery

X-Speed carries a variety of batteries to suit the specific needs of all kinds of vehicles
Services provided: On-site car battery replacement, car jump-start service, tyre puncture repair, towing service

Hotline(s): 9688 8773

X-Speed's services range from car battery replacement to roadside assistance and tyre repair. What's special about X-Speed is that its services extend past the border of Singapore and will help you out even if you’re in Malaysia! (Johor Bahru only). It also carries a variety of batteries for every vehicle needs such as EFB and AGM.

Keeping its hotline in your phone is a definite must if you're visiting relatives on the other end of the causeway. Plus, it’s a 24-hour service!
BH Auto Services Pte Ltd

BH Auto offers 24-hour islandwide towing and recovery services with a fleet of six fully equipped tow trucks
Services provided: Towing service, on-site car battery replacement, car jump-start service, tyre puncture repair

Hotline(s): 9101 3232

BH Auto may be a new name on the automotive scene but its trustworthiness and dedication have bumped it to rank amongst the top workshops in Singapore. It provides you with a 24-hour islandwide towing and recovery by having six recovery vehicles and plans to roll out more fully equipped tow trucks in the near future to cater to the demand for towing services due to a shortage of tow trucks in Singapore.

So, the next time you panic when your car throws a tantrum, fret not, call BH Auto!
That being said, we hope that none of you will need any of these during CNY. Don't drink and drive and may the 'Ban Luk' gods forever be in your favour. Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone! Huat ah!

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