Tyre or battery issues during the circuit breaker period? Read here then...
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If you're stranded due to a flat battery or a puncture during the 'circuit breaker' period, don't fret. Here's a list of roadside emergency services available.

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As the Singapore government works to stem the trend of COVID-19 local transmissions, most services will be made unavailable from 7 April to 1 June. Vehicle-related emergency services will not have to suspend operations, as these are considered essential services.

Hence, roadside assistance companies will still operate as per normal. If you have a flat tyre or a flat battery that needs replacement or a jump start, don't worry. Here's a list of assured on-site service teams - along with phone numbers so you'll be on your way in no time.

On-site tyre repair, jump start and car battery replacement

Arrow Tyres Pte Ltd

Arrow Tyres carries the more popular car battery brands, such as Amaron
Hotline(s): 8399 8810 / 9128 3828 / 6570 8087

Starting its operations in 2009, Arrow Tyres is committed to offering the best deals for vehicle owners in Singapore with its range of quality tyres, rims and car batteries.

Can't head down to its shop? Not to worry, as Arrow Tyres offers on-site battery replacement and tyre repair services. The car battery brands it carries include Amaron and Bosch.

ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore

Focusing itself as a on-site vehicle recovery business, you can be assured of quick turnaround times with ARS
Hotline: 8618 9000

As its name suggests, ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore offers roadside assistance for those in need. It is a one-stop recovery solution for car battery issues, as well as on-site tyre repair services.

ARS Automotive Recovery uses only genuine premium car battery brands such as Amaron, Globatt, HOPPECKE and DRIVE. A six to 12-month warranty is also offered for all car batteries installed.

Auto 101 LLP

Located in the North, Auto 101 LLP is a workshop that also provides on-site recovery services
Hotline: 8126 0383

Made up of a group of enthusiastic car lovers, Auto 101 LLP is driven to provide quality automotive services, with customer satisfaction as a top priority.

Auto 101 isn't just a workshop, it provides on-site vehicle services too, including battery installation and tyre repair. Auto 101 carries a range of car batteries of different sizes and specifications by Bosch.

BH Auto Services Pte Ltd

BH Auto's team of skilled recovery personnel are able to handle minor repairs on site if needed
Hotline: 9101 3232

BH Auto Services runs a dedicated team of automotive recovery experts, trained to handle not just battery or tyre related issues, but also minor repairs on-site, reducing the need for a tow to the workshop

With its fleet of recovery vehicles in its distinctive yellow colour, you can be assured whatever issues you're facing can be quickly resolved.

Chen Jin Trading

Chen Jin Trading is a tyre shop that also offers on-site tyre repair and battery replacement services
Hotline(s): 9045 5087 / 8813 1851

Established in 2005, Chen Jin Trading prides itself on customer service and the quality workmanship offered by its team of skilled and knowledgeable mechanics.

Aside from its established tyre shop operations, it offers on-site tyre repair and battery replacement services too. Some brands that Chen Jin Trading carries include GS Yuasa, Globatt and Varta.

Hurry Tyre & Battery

Known for its high level of workmanship for installing and repairing rims, Hurry Tyre's on-site repair services include tyre repair and battery replacement
Hotline(s): 9684 3102 / 6333 4461 / 6333 4462

Since 1977, the philosophy at Hurry Tyre has always been to provide honest, professional and quality services at great value to its customers. With its long and illustrious history, you are assured that your ride will be in good hands.

Battery brands that Hurry Tyre carries include Varta, Bosch, Exide and AC Delco. It provides on-site tyre repair services, too.

Kaizen Motors Pte Ltd

Kaizen Motors' dedication to automotive maintenance extends to its on-site emergency services, too
Hotline: 8823 3366

Kaizen Motors is a automotive workshop located in the East of Singapore. Its dedication and passion in automotive maintenance can be seen in the quality of work and satisfaction of customers.

Kaizen Motors carries car battery brands such as Amaron, and provides on-site tyre repair and battery replacement services. 

KGC Workshop Pte Ltd (Koh Guan Chua Workshop)

Also well known for its bodywork and repainting services, KGC Workshop has an experienced on-site team to deal with your vehicle issues
Hotline(s): 81891987 / 81892986 / 93210855

Founded in 1967, Koh Guan Chua Workshop - also known as KGC Workshop - is a one-stop workshop to handle all vehicle maintenance and servicing needs. With more than 50 years of experience, you can be assured of its abilities.

During this period, KGC Workshop will continue to provide on-site battery replacement, towing and tyre repair services.

Khai Wah Battery & Tyre Pte Ltd

Khai Wah Battery & Tyre also operates a roadside emergency services team dedicated to solving battery and tyre issues
Hotline(s): 6292 7000 / 6292 8000

As its name suggests, Khai Wah has been dealing with batteries and tyres ever since it started operations in the 70s. Khai Wah strives to cater to the needs of its customers, by offering a wide selection of services and tyres for customers to choose from.

It too has a on-site vehicle recovery service, to assist you on battery and tyre related matters. Some brands it carries includes Varta and Exide.

Kim Hoe And Co. (Since 1974) Pte Ltd

Kim Hoe & Co is known for its quick and efficient service and great prices on tyres
Hotline: 9624 6263 / 9660 3227 / 9753 1328 / 8126 9760

Situated in the East, Kim Hoe & Co. (Since 1974) Pte Ltd offers a widespread selection of tyres among a variety of brands to fit every customer's needs.

It also offers roadside assistance service, from car battery replacement using brands such as Amaron and Yuasa, along with tyre repair services.

Soon Huat Tyres Pte Ltd

A popular tyre outlet in the West of Singapore, Soon Huat Tyres also has on-site recovery services available
Hotline(s): 9365 5498 / 6896 6976

Soon Huat Tyres is your trusted one-stop tyre and servicing workshop for cars and commercial vehicles. Many who frequent the Toh Guan area would know of the expertise and great pricing that Soon Huat Tyres offers, too.

It also offers mobile tyre patching repair and battery replacement service for car owners, using brands like Amaron.

Swift Battery Specialist

Swift Battery Specialist has its own shop at Kaki Bukit, along with a fleet of on-site recovery vehicles
Hotline(s): 8858 9959 / 8484 3838

Swift Battery Specialist is a company that specialises in vehicle recovery services, and has its own shop too at Premier @ Kaki Bukit. It is ever ready to handle common issues such as battery jump-start or replacement, as well as tyre repair.

The batteries Swift Battery Specialist carries include popular brands like Varta, Amaron, Deta and Globatt.

The Battery Shop

The Battery Shop has nine standby locations for its fleet of on-site recovery vehicles strategically located around Singapore for quick response time to calls
Hotline: 8166 4455

With nine standby locations strategically placed around Singapore, you can expect quick response times when you call for on-site services from The Battery Shop, along with good prices. Like its name suggests, it can handle battery related issues, but also tyre repair.

The Battery Shop carries a large range of car battery brands, including Amaron, Bosch, Varta, HOPPECKE, Globatt and DRIVE.

X-Speed Mobile Recovery

X-Speed Mobile Recovery can serve all types of cars, and can offer towing services if necessary
Hotline: 9688 8773 / 9688 8559

X-Speed Mobile Recovery is also another one-stop solution for those requiring on-site vehicle assistance. It offers not just tyre repair, battery replacement or jump-start services - it offers towing services if necessary, too.

X-Speed Mobile Recovery carries car battery brands for on-site replacement, such as Varta and SAiL.

On-site Battery recovery only

Battery Empire

Battery Empire carries a wide range of batteries of different sizes and specifications for all types of cars
Hotline: 8499 7511

Having battery issues and are stranded with a car that won't start? Call upon the experts from Battery Empire to come down and have a look.

Battery Empire's main focus is on car batteries, and carries a wide range of them, including Amaron, Bosch and Globatt.

Know of other companies that are offering on-site recovery services during this period? Share in the comment box down below!

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