Recommended onsite car battery recovery & replacement service providers
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Do you only worry about your car batteries when it stops working? These car battery replacement workshops will help you out whenever and wherever you are.

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Most people make the mistake of waiting until their car batteries die before getting a replacement. The truth is, there are numerous tell-tale signs if you pay attention.
  • Car engine starting up a lot slower than usual
  • A 'rotten egg smell' in the car
  • Head lights dimmer than normal
The general rule of thumb is to change your car batteries every two years. But, if you're a procrastinator like most of us, and your battery dies on you one fine day, here are a couple of mobile battery & tyre replacement specialists that will come down and replace your battery for you.
Swift Battery Specialist

Swift Battery Specialist will troubleshoot your issue through a phone call first before coming down to you if it can't be solved
Swift Battery Specialist specialises in car battery replacement and car tyre puncture repair. It offers high-quality batteries at competitive prices, and it will try to resolve any car issues efficiently and economically. 

In the event of a car breakdown/battery failure, give Swift Battery Specialist a call and it will offer you a free phone call diagnostic to see if you can troubleshoot the problem on your own. If you can't, one of its 11 onsite standby areas across Singapore will provide you with a swift response so that you have a short waiting time.

Opening hours: 24-hour onsite battery replacement except Sundays
Hotline(s): 8858 9959 / 8484 3838
Battery Empire

No matter where you are in Singapore, Battery Empire will find you and help you
Battery Empire offers 24-hr emergency car battery replacement and jump-start services 365 days a year in Singapore. It doesn't matter which corner of the island you're stuck at, it will help you.

With both new and used car batteries in their product offerings, it also offers a wide range of corporate packages/customised solutions for businesses that own a fleet of vehicles. If you're lucky, you might get a free onsite and battery installation during seasonal brand promotions. What's so special about Battery Empire is that it also sells special batteries for heavy-duty vehicles, yachts, buggies, forklifts, machinery, etc.

Opening hours: 24-hour onsite battery replacement
Hotline(s): 8499 7511 / 6262 0911
Arrow Tyres Pte Ltd

With its 10-years of automotive experience, Arrow Tyre can solve any problem you encounter
After 10 years in the automotive industry, Arrow Tyres Pte Ltd now serves customers at two outlets located at Tampines and Serangoon. Over here, you can get your replacement car batteries from popular brands like Amaron, Bosch, Varta, and CWORKS. It doesn't matter what you're looking for  - Maintenance Free, Start/Stop or AMG batteries of all sizes.

Customers are entitled to a standard 12-month and six-month in-store warranty for petrol engine vehicles and diesel/commercial vehicle respectively.

Opening hours: 9:00am - 6:30pm (Mon - Fri) 9:00am - 6:00pm (Sat) 9:00am - 3:30pm (Sun & PHs)
Hotline(s): 8399 8810

Kim Hoe And Co. (Since 1974) Pte Ltd

Kim Hoe and Co. is a reputable workshop that believes in a "no hard-sell" practice. Give it a call if you have battery issues
Kim Hoe and Co. have been in the industry for more than 30 years, owned by an experienced specialist and master technician. A majority of its reviews have been nothing but positive with some saying it is a "no hard-selling shop" with "excellent service from staff and the boss Alex".

With Kim Hoe And Co's battery change and roadside assistance service, it will check and replace your battery on-the-spot anywhere in Singapore. Do note that this "on-the-spot" service will incur a surcharge of $30. You may also approach them for replacement of your punctured tyre. 

It carries car batteries from brands such as GS Yuasa, Varta, CWORKS and Exide.

Opening hours: 9:00am - 7:00pm (Mon - Sat) 9:00am - 4:00pm (Sun)
Hotline(s): 9624 6263 / 9660 3227

ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore
ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore provides 24-hour battery jump-start or replacement service. Need its service? It is just one call away

Focusing itself as an on-site vehicle recovery business, you can be assured of quick turnaround times with ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore

As its name suggests, ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore offers roadside assistance for those in need. It is a one-stop recovery solution for car battery issues, as well as on-site tyre repair services. 

ARS Automotive Recovery uses only genuine premium car battery brands such as Amaron, Globatt, HOPPECKE and DRIVE. A 6 to 12-month warranty is also offered for all car batteries installed.

Opening hours: 24-hour onsite battery replacement
Hotline(s): 8618 9000

The Battery Shop

The Battery Shop has a number of vehicles on standby that are located around Singapore
The Battery Shop handles battery-related issues as well as tyre repair services. With nine standby locations strategically placed around Singapore, expect a quick response with a reasonable price when you call for on-site services from The Battery Shop. 

The Battery Shop carries a large range of car battery brands including Amaron, Bosch, Varta, HOPPECKE, Globatt and DRIVE.

Opening hours: 24-hour onsite battery replacement
Hotline(s): 8166 4455


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