6 simple things you can do to sell your car for the highest price
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Want to sell your car for the highest price? Get the most out of your car with these six simple tips. The best part? You can get started on them today!

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Cars are depreciating assets, but that doesn't mean you can't maximise its resale value. Ensuring that your car looks good visually and is well-maintained mechanically will increase your used car's worth.

Besides knowing your car's market value and calculating COE and PARF rebates, here are some other suggestions for you to get more value from your resale car in Singapore:
1. Keep mileage low

The higher the mileage, the higher the chance of wear and tear causing some fault in your car
If you don't drive your personal vehicle for private-hire use, this should be easy on Singapore roads.

The average car mileage in Singapore ranges from 13,000km to 14,000km/yr. Keep your mileage in that range (or lower) and it'll help raise your used car's selling price.

2. Keep your car clean

Cleaning your car can be quite the therapeutic activity
If you love to consume food and drink in your car, don't. People associate taking good care of your car with its cleanliness.

A clean car leaves a good first impression.

Wash your interior frequently, don't eat or drink in your car and lay off the smoking. This ensures your car remains free of stains and funky smells.

Guilty of the above? Don't worry! We've got you covered!

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Head over to our car grooming listing for recommended wash & polish services. Or, if you're the DIY type, here's a list of car shampoo options to keep your car looking sparkling.
3. Put your car back to its original specifications

Bodykit modifications might not sit well with people who like that 'clean look'
As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your car's potential new owner may not be too keen on the fancy modifications you've done to it, especially if it does not satisfy LTA guidelines on aftermarket modifications.

You might even want to check out this list of useless performance modifications so that you don't even get them in the first place.
4. Fix your car immediately

Sending your car in for repairs, no matter how minor, is a good practice
Got a dent? Check engine light on? Head to the workshop straight away!

Workshops like KGC Workshop provide services for paint work, paint correction and dent removal services at affordable rates. The less defects buyers find with your car, the more they will be willing to fork out for it. Fix those problems pronto.
5. Replace worn parts

Always keep your receipts to show potential buyers proof that you've replaced your worn parts
After years of use, your brake pads, air filters and car mats will have worn out and will require change. Also, check that your lights and turn signals are in good working condition. Don't give potential buyers any reason to lower your car's price. Most of these parts are affordable to replace and will raise your asking price by a few thousand.

Consider putting your car through a full servicing to make sure everything else is in good condition. Having proof of a recent servicing will put the potential buyer at ease about the car's condition.
6. Keep everything that came with the car

If it's not stock, take it out, use it for your next car or sell it - you can make an extra couple of dollars that way
It's time to dig through the storeroom for all the equipment and parts that came with the car - this includes, but not limited to, parcel shelves, manufacturer tool kit, spare wheel, spare keys, anything you can find.

A new owner will usually want the stock equipment that came with the car. Not everyone appreciates a loud exhaust or interior LED lights (not approved by LTA).
In conclusion

Invest in keeping your car in its top condition, and it will pay off in the long run. Be extra cautious when handling your car and send it for maintenance when it is due. It will help increase your car's resale price should you decide to sell it in the future.
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Tips to get the best price when selling your car to used car dealers!

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