EV charging locations in Singapore
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If you own an EV and worry about where to charge it, we sourced for a couple of public locations. Find out where they are, how they work and how much it costs.

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With the government slowly phasing out internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2040, it is no surprise that drivers are taking advantage of the EV Early Adoption incentives and quickly switching to electric vehicles (EVs).

That's when it hits them - how are they going to charge it? Where even is the nearest EV charger? We get it. Not all HDB or condominium carparks come equipped with the necessary infrastructure. 

But that's changing. Fast. What if we told you that EV charging stations are pretty accessible in Singapore? Here, we'll dive into the current list of EV charging providers (and their stations) you can tap on. 

But first… a recap: Fast (DC) versus slow (AC) charging  

AC/DC (but not the band): Just like our smartphones, there's fast and slow charging for our EVs
You know how our smartphone batteries are topped up at different speeds depending on whether we plug them in to fast chargers or normal ones? The same applies for EVs. 

Ranging from 3.7kW to 43kW locally, AC (alternating current) chargers have lower power ratings, and are more suited for long charging sessions spanning across multiple hours.  

On the other hand, DC (direct current) chargers have significantly higher wattages - from 50kW to 120kW on our shores currently - and typically get the job done in under an hour.  

AC chargers are slower, but also generally cheaper
Put simply - if you're out for dinner and need a quick re-juice, you're looking at DC charging. If you're done for the day and are leaving your car parked for the night, an AC outlet will work just fine.  

Duration aside, the second large consideration is cost. Because of their lower power ratings, AC chargers also cost less to use (although as mentioned, 43kW AC chargers now exist, and are more expensive).  

Finally, there's the issue of battery longevity that you'll want to keep in mind. If we treat our cars the same way we do our smartphones, fast charging should be employed with some restraint.

The five big players at the moment: 

1. SP Group
2. Shell Recharge
3. Charge+
5. Blue Charge  

1. SP Group

Types of charging stations available: AC, DC 
Cost of charging: $0.5250/kWh (AC), $0.5880/kWh (DC) 

The company offers a 30-minute fast charge and even free parking in selected areas
SP Group encourages Singaporeans to adopt greener mobility options by allowing users to suggest more locations for EV charging stations through email.

Most of its charging points can be found throughout the island, including busy areas such as Sentosa, Raffles Place, Orchard and various Capitaland malls.

If you already use the SP Utilities app, finding charging stations will be a breeze - the map to locate them is housed under a dedicated section within it. Payment can also be made directly here. 

SP Group has worked with Porsche to launch the largest manufacturer-branded network here
Besides being the largest provider currently, it's also important to point out the tie-ups that SP Group has had with other big players. 

It launched the Porsche Destination Charging (PDC) network with Porsche last year, which still stands today as the largest manufacturer-branded network locally.

More recently, SPC also announced that it would be rolling out its first ever charging points at it service stations in collaboration with SP Group. These will include Singapore's fastest ever public charger yet - rated at 150kW - when completed in Q1 2023. 

2. Shell Recharge

Types of charging stations available: AC, DC 
Cost of charging: $3.00/hour (AC), $0.40-$0.55/kWh (AC), $0.55/kWh (DC) 

Be sure to visit Shell's website for its 'Recharge and Receive' program. Lots of perks await
Shell Recharge powered by Greenlots, a member of Shell group, ensures EV users can easily charge their EV cars anywhere, anytime.

While starting out mostly with Shell petrol stations, it has since branched out into malls and HDB and JTC carparks. 

Its 100-120kW chargers can power up EVs within 30 minutes, but this also depends on the battery architectures of specific makes and models. Drivers can link their credit cards to their Shell Recharge/Greenslots card to utilise the charging stations.

Among all the providers on the list, prices for Shell Recharge outlets vary the most - charging is priced both hourly and according to energy usage - so do take note before you plug in! BMW EV drivers will also be most familiar with its services, since BMW Asia has tie-ups with the energy provider locally. 
3. Charge+

Types of charging stations available: AC, DC  
Cost of charging: $0.5238/kWh (AC), $0.5582/kWh (DC) (prices before GST) 

Charge+'s 'Turbo' chargers are currently among the fastest public ones, rated at 120kW 
A relative newcomer to the EV scene in Singapore, Charge+ was launched in 2020 by clean energy company Sunseap Group.  

Within just two years, however, it has rapidly grown its presence to become one of the most prominent providers in Singapore.

As of the time of writing, Charge+ has more than 600 charging stations island-wide. It also worked with Audi Singapore earlier this year to launch the marque's first Destination Chargers locally.  

Most notably, until SP Group's 150kW DC charger is rolled out at SPC Bukit Batok, Charge+ and Shell share bragging rights for the fastest publicly-available chargers in Singapore: The former's 'Turbo' chargers are also rated at 120kW, and are relatively widespread.  


Types of charging stations available: AC, DC 
Cost of charging: $0.52/kWh (AC), $0.56/kWh (DC) 

CDG ENGIE is targeting to have at least 500 charging points islandwide before 2022 ends 
ComfortDelGro is best-known a transport conglomerate, but its bid to become a 'mobility solutions provider' has increasingly become clear with its entrance into the energy-provision space too.

After an initial period of testing, CDG ENGIE broke ground for its network in March this year with its first charging point at a HDB carpark in Jurong. 

For reasons unclear, CDG ENGIE works with international provider, Virta, to process payments for its charging points.

Weirdly, each has decided to run its own app in Singapore, but you'll find that the list of charging stations is mirrored across both of them.  

5. Blue Charge by Total Energies (BlueSG)

Types of charging stations available: AC (3.7kW)
Cost of charging: $1.00 for first three hours, $2.00 for every hour thereafter (on top of $20 annual subscription)

Drivers can check for the status of available chargers on their BlueSG app or website
Known for its car-sharing service in Singapore, BlueSG's Blue Charge charging stations have been open for public use for a few years now.  

EV owners may charge their EVs at BlueSG's charging stations, but they must move their vehicles once charging is complete or face a fine.

In the same way that BlueSG cars are used, spots must also be reserved in advance prior to a charging session via the app. 

A key point to note is that drivers must pay a subscription fee of $20/year to utilise the charging network on BlueSG's website or app. Another potential pain point: The network is comprised solely of 3.7kW AC chargers.

Tesla Supercharger network

Types of charging stations available: DC (250kW) 
Cost of charging: TBC

The Superchargers have a power rating of up to 250kW, and are located in eight malls around SG
You may be wondering why we're letting Tesla's Superchargers stand on their own, when other manufacturer-branded ones like Porsche and Audi's Destination Charging Networks exist.  

That's because Tesla remains the only EV-maker to date that's gone out to stake full claim over its charging stations. Thus far, it has built and maintained its Superchargers without relying on collaborations with other service providers.  

The Superchargers have power ratings of up to 250kW, and since the complex battery architecture of Teslas allow for charging at up to 170kW, a Model 3 can regain more than 400km in just 25 to 30 minutes.  
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Other known tie-ups between EV-selling brands in Singapore and service providers

Carmaker Charging network
Audi Singapore Audi Destination Charging (currently powered by Charge+)
BMW Group Asia Shell Recharge/Greenlots
Hyundai (Komoco Motors) Shell Recharge/Greenlots
Porsche Asia Pacific  Porsche Destination Charging (powered by SP Group)

How many charging stations are there in Singapore?

In all honesty, it's hard to pin down exactly how many charging stations there are at any one time today, given the ever-expanding networks. Nonetheless, the following table of ballpark figures gives you an indication of where things stand currently. 

Charging Provider Number of public charging points
SP Group 600+
Charge+ 600+
Shell Recharge Close to 100
CDG ENGIE Close to 100
Blue Charge by Total Energies (BlueSG) 1,600+
Tesla Supercharger network 24 (across eight stations)
We must also point out: There is a difference between charging stations and points, and one will typically find that one charging station has multiple charging points.

As the latest to hit in the never-ending stream of EV-related updates, the LTA is now targeting to have at least 12,000 charging points rolled out across 2,000 HDB carparks by 2025.

Strides Mobility will soon join SP Group, Charge+, Shell and CDG ENGIE - it was one of the five operators that won the tender. 

An exhaustive list: Where are these chargers located, are they AC or DC outlets, and how much should I expect to pay? 

Charging Provider AC power ratings Pricing DC power ratings Pricing Locations
SP Group 3.7kW, 7.4kW, 11kW, 22kw, 43kW $0.525/kWh 50kW, 60kW, 100kW (150kW incoming) $0.588/kWh HDB, URA and JTC carparks; malls (SPC service stations incoming)
Shell Recharge/
3.7kW, 6.6kW, 7.4kW, 22kW, 43kW $3.00/hour (3.7kW, 6.6kW); $0.40-0.50/kWh (7.4kW); $0.55/kWh (22kW, 43kW) 50kW, 100kW, 120kW $0.55/kWh Shell petrol stations; URA and JTC carparks; malls 
Charge+ 7.4kW $0.5238/kWh (before GST) 30kW, 50kW, 120kW $0.5582/kWh (before GST) HDB, URA and JTC carparks; malls; condominiums
CDG ENGIE 7.4kW, 22kW $0.5200/kWh* 100kW $0.5600/kWh HDB, URA and JTC carparks
Blue Charge  (BlueSG) 3.7kW $1.00 for first 3 hours, $2 for every hour thereafter N.A. N.A. HDB, URA and JTC carparks; malls
Tesla Supercharger
N.A. N.A. 250kW TBC Across eight malls (full list here)
*CDG ENGIE works with an appointed payment processing provider, Virta. 

And what about compatibility?

DC fast-charging in most public spaces uses the CCS Combo 2 standard (left), while AC outlets use the Type 2 standard (right)
Like all electrical appliances, plugging in inevitably brings with it compatibility issues, but most EV owners here need not fret.  

Singapore follows the CCS (Combined Charging System) standard adopted in Europe. In practice, this means that regardless of which EV you choose to drive, recharging via a public AC outlet is rarely going to be an issue.  

Problems only arise for Japanese EV owners who want to fast-charge their cars while out (there are currently two models - the Lexus UX300e and the Nissan Leaf).

They'll find that
the CHAdeMO fast-charging inlets on their cars will not match the CCS Combo 2 chargers operated by all the providers mentioned above. 

A final note: The wonders of Plugshare!

Although Plugshare is not a charging service, we've listed it down as it'll save you a lot of time navigating multiple EV charging platforms.

It's an EV charging community that plugs information gaps by compiling all EV charging stations in Singapore. It ensures that EV users stay informed about the best EV charging stations nearest to them.

To use the platform, drivers have to key in their location to overview the nearest EV charging stations. Aside from charging stations, information on the closest dining/restroom areas is also available.

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*This article was updated on 6 February 2023 by Mattheus Wee.

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