5 value-for-money electric cars you can buy right now
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Ready to make the switch to electric? Here are five value-for-money choices for you to consider.

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Electric cars are the future. Most manufacturers have committed to electrification in some form. Volvo just announced that by 2030, all of its models will be fully electric. Singapore has also expressed a desire to encourage EV ownership. More measures have been announced to promote EV adoption, and the Government has also committed to improving the charging infrastructure here, with 60,000 public EV charging points to be built by 2030. 

That said, price is still a not-insignificant hurdle to EV ownership. Not quite ready to shell out half a million bucks for a Porsche Taycan? Here are five sensible choices if you're ready for the switch to electric. 

Most affordable: BYD e6 Electric 

The BYD e6 Electric is the cheapest EV you can buy right now
Search for electric cars on our new car listing page, sort by price, and the first result is the BYD e6 Electric. At $103,888, it is the cheapest all-electric car you can buy in Singapore right now. 

It may be a little rough around the edges, but there’s no denying its all-electric capability. With real world range of around 350km and the ability to charge in just two hours, the BYD e6 is a no-frills choice for drivers who just need to get from point to point. 

Most compact: Renault Zoe Electric

The Renault Zoe is a compact EV best suited for individuals or couples
The Renault Zoe is the most compact EV offering you can have. And, at $109,999, it's the second cheapest EV in the market right now. 

With its small footprint, it's best suited for individuals or couples who have minimal hauling requirement. Space in the rear cabin is rather tight, and the 338-litre boot is on the smaller side. Still, if you need something fairly affordable, nippy and efficient to drive, and rarely need to carry passengers, then the Zoe is a good choice. 

Most spacious: MG ZS Electric

The MG ZS Electric delivers plenty of family-centric practicality 
With its spacious SUV body and emissions-free electric drivetrain, the MG ZS Electric is a tempting choice for buyers who need plenty of space. There's a sizeable 445-litre boot, generous interior space, and even a PM2.5 Air Purification system ensures clean air in the cabin. 

With real world range in the high 200s and 0-80% charging in 40 minutes using a DC fast charge station, the MG ZS Electric is a practical and sensible electric SUV for families. 

Most sensible: Nissan Leaf 

Having produced the Leaf for a whole decade, there's no denying Nissan's EV know-how
The Nissan Leaf offers a reasonable balance between price, practicality and usability. Its sensible five-door hatchback design is relatively family-friendly, with enough space for five adults. 

And, while EVs might seem like a fairly new and novel technology, Nissan has actually been doing this for a long time. The first-generation model was the best-selling EV in Europe. And with 11 years of experience producing the Leaf, Nissan definitely knows what it's doing. 

Most premium: Tesla Model 3 Electric

The Tesla Model 3 is the newest, most buzz-worthy EV in town
Yes, there's a ton of fanfare with the recent introduction of Tesla into Singapore, chief among which was its tempting price point. Starting at $112,845 without COE (or just under $160,000 with COE), the Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest premium model you can get right now (assuming you consider Tesla a premium brand). 

Priced cheaper than even an equivalent premium compact sedan with a petrol engine, the Tesla is certainly a tempting choice for buyers who want the latest, coolest tech in town.

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