10 of the best comfort tyres for improved ride quality and quiet drive in 2021
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Comfort tyres or Touring tyres are suited for people who prefer an all-rounded, pleasant drive. Consider these 10 recommended tyres if you're looking for a quiet and comfortable ride.

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Why should you choose comfort tyres?

Besides the most obvious benefit of a comfortable and quiet ride experience, most comfort tyres these days also have increased grip on wet roads for added safety.

Let's face it. Performance tyres are a bit overkill if you do not intend to tackle corners at 120km/h (or if you have zero intention to track your car).

Comfort tyres are also:
  • More affordable
  • Lower rolling resistance (which is great for your fuel consumption)
Michelin Primacy 4
sgCarMart Drivers' Choice 2021 – Best Comfort Tyres

If you're shopping for a set of premium comfort tyres that emit little to no road noise with unparalleled road grip, this is it
Successor to the popular Michelin Primacy 3, the Primacy 4 is the latest comfort-oriented tyre from Michelin that focuses on safety and handling to ensure all consumers can drive with confidence throughout the tyre's lifespan, right down to the legal wear indicator of 1.6mm.

With Evergrip Technology, the Primacy 4 has a new tyre sculpture that improves water evacuation and wet braking performance. The new rubber compound bonds rubber and silica more powerfully and evenly to increase uniform energy dissipation upon contact with the road.

This tyre comes with second generation Silent Rib Technology that interlocks bands between tread blocks to minimise the air pumping sound while the tyre rolls to provide a silent and comfortable ride.

It also comes stocked with a treadwear indicator to help you identify when your tyres need changing.

Tyre size: 15" to 20"
Distributed by: Chin Seng Hin Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6861 6106
Website: http://chinsenghin.com/
Bridgestone Turanza T005A

Be it a short or long-distance journey, the Turanza T005A promises a more comfortable, calm, stable and safer drive on the roads
Engineered with an advanced tread pattern design, the Bridgestone Turanza T005A boasts a variable pitch along with high-angle sipes to help reduce the pattern and road noise. Its reinforced sidewalls and contact shape generate consistent contact pressure between the tyre and road to reduce road shock, vibrations, and impact noise, thus leading to better damping and comfort.

This tyre also features an exclusive Nano Pro-Tech tread compound that strengthens the bond between silica and polymer, reducing heat generation and energy loss for better performance in wet conditions. The chamfering on the tyre aids to prevent deformation, ensuring even contact with the road for improved braking performance.

Tyre size: 15" to 19"
Distributed by: Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6540 4196
Website: www.bridgestone.com.sg/en
Kumho Ecsta HM KH31

The HM KH31 can provide excellent traction and provides a unique blend of ride comfort, noise quality and responsive handling for any family car
The KumhoEcsta HM KH31 is well-known for its well-balanced tyre performance in both wet and dry conditions. The KH31 utilises Kumho's latest tread compound technology, intelligent siping combined with a durable tread pattern, and three wide longitudinal centre ribs for increased stability, excellent handling, cornering grip, and hydroplaning performance. If that doesn't impress, it also has multi-pitched blocks for reduced road noise levels.

During wet road conditions, its sinusoidal grooves work in unison with the lateral and longitudinal grooves to provide maximum water drainage. At the same time, the cross-shaped side of the shoulder breaks the water tension and thus make the KH31 extremely resistant to aquaplaning.

The seamless capping, high-quality tensile steel belt, bead wire bundle and raised casing that protects the interior and exterior of the tyre tells its customers one thing. This tyre was made to last.

Tyre size: 15" to 18"
Distributed by: Toyotsu Binter Automotive Parts Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6345 7611
Website: https://toyotsubinter.com/
Dunlop SP Sport LM705

The SP Sport LM705 offers value for money with a good balance between comfort and performance, and it can fit a wide range of vehicles
Dunlop SP Sport LM705 is a Japanese tyre with a deeper focus on comfort and noise.

Dunlop's Shinobi technologies and a redesigned tread pattern comprise a more considerable number of individual blocks that minimise road noise and allow a greater dispersion of shocks from the road to suppress vibrations. A rounder footprint also allows the tyre to contact the road surface gradually for a smoother driving experience.

The sports serrated groove walls on the LM705 control airflow over the tread surface to reduce tyre noise further when driving at high speeds.

Furthermore, the tyres can also absorb shocks from the road more effectively and deliver maximum comfort with a more flexible sidewall.

Tyre size: 13" to 20"
Distributed by: Toyotsu Binter Automotive Parts Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6345 7611
Website: https://toyotsubinter.com/ 

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Giti Comfort F22

The Giti Comfort F22 is an excellent choice for car owners who want a combination of good wet and dry grip, quiet and comfortable ride
The Giti Comfort F22 comes with Advantech noise-reduction technology, multi-angle pattern grooves, and a silent tyre outline and construction design via an intelligent simulation evaluation method. The Giti Comfort F22 can effectively suppress ground noise, reducing the overall noise decibels for a peaceful journey.

That's not all! The F22 is, in fact, an energy-saving and eco-friendly tyre. Its silicon-oriented and mixing technology help reduce heat from the tyre and rolling resistance, meaning a lower fuel consumption.

Giti has also given the F22 a high-dispersion nano-silica and sipe system to break through residual water film. Now, you don't need performance tyres for a shorter braking distance and improved safety on wet roads.

Tyre size: 16" to 18"
Distributed by: Giti Tire Global Trading Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6249 5399
Website: http://sg.giti.com/
Yokohama ADVAN dB V552

Drivers in search for a quiet tyre that can improve fuel efficiency can consider the Advan dB V552
Yokohama ADVAN dB V552 promises to bring down the decibels ('dB') of road noise. It ensures the most silent driving performances with its new tread pattern, a 'beautiful' small block design, a new structure with high-quality parts and a new profile.

After rigorous testing, this tyre proved its ability to roll easily during initial acceleration and cruising. That means lower fuel consumption for drivers!

Yokohama also developed an all-new special compound that suppresses heat generation for better control during wet conditions and further increases its fuel efficiency.

Tyre size: 16" to 20"
Distributed by: YHI Corporation (S) Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6264 2155
Website: https://yhiautomotive.com.sg/
Toyo CF2

Braking, grip (wet and dry), comfort, and great price, the Proxes CF2 are tyres that can give you the most bang for your buck
The Toyo Proxes CF2 is a tyre developed for fitment on medium and high-powered cars.

Keen to improve upon the popular CF1, Toyo incorporated the Proxes CF2 with a cutting-edge compound and lighter construction.

Using a full-silica tread compound with an active polymer (which conforms to the shape of the road's surface) reduces the tyre's rolling resistance by up to 25% while a stiffer tread pattern ensures high speeds.

Wide grooves within the pattern also aid in reducing the risk of losing control in wet conditions by removing surface water from the tyre's path as quickly as possible.

The tyre's full-silica tread compound also delivers a longer lifespan.

Tyre size: 15" to 18"
Distributed by: TS Auto Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6755 2901
Website: https://tsauto.com.sg/
Continental ContiPremiumContact 6

With an excellent dry grip, sporty handling, and extremely short dry and wet braking distances, you should try these tyres
The Continental ContiPremiumContact 6 bridges the gap between comfortable and sporty tyres.

Continental has developed an innovative tread, blending an abrasion-resistant polymer compound with a supple tread pattern. It delivers a 15% improvement in mileage compared to its predecessor - the ContiSportContact 5 and ContiPremiumContact 5. The ContiPremiumContact 6 also reported lower noise levels by as much as 10%!

This tyre features the high-tech SportContact 6 tyre shoulder configuration, combined with an asymmetrical tread rib geometry. This provides additional grip and ensures the tyre can effectively transfer extremely high forces when cornering in dry or wet road conditions.

Tyre size: 16" to 21"
Distributed by: Stamford Tyres
Contact number(s): 6262 3355
Website: www.stamfordtyres.com/Retail/
Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2

The EfficientGrip Performance 2 has good aquaplaning resistance, superb steering when lane changing, and extremely comfortable
Goodyear has constructed the EfficientGrip Performance 2 with 'Wet Braking' technology. Incorporating lower compound stiffness and an increased number of gripping edges ensures quick water evacuation from the tyre, thus decreasing the braking distance in wet weather conditions.

The EfficientGrip Performance 2 has also been developed with high tread elasticity and increased flexibility to decrease the possibility of damage to the tyre on rough road conditions or over a wide range of temperatures. Due to this, the EfficientGrip Performance 2 has increased mileage performance.

The Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 features three large ribs in the middle of the tread pattern, enhancing overall stiffness and cornering stability in dry conditions.

Tyre size: 16" to 20"
Distributed by: Goodyear Singapore Tyres
Contact number(s): 6939 6888
Website: www.goodyear.com.sg
Nexen N'Priz AH5

This is suitable for drivers on a budget who spend a lot of time on the go and want to save themselves a substantial amount of money
Nexen N'Priz AH5 delivers solid performance across the board: Satisfactory handling, sufficient grip on dry and wet roads, good fuel economy (low rolling resistance), low road noise, and plenty of compliance to keep your daily ride comfortable on imperfect roads.

Four large circumferential grooves evacuate water on wet pavement and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. The tyre's tread design also effectively reduces unwanted outside road noise and enhances overall ride quality.

The Nexen N'Priz AH5 is just that type of no-nonsense tire. With 45 sizes ranging from 14" to 17" in diameter, the N'Priz AH5 can suit all kinds of coupes, sedans, minivans, and crossovers.

Tyre size: 14" to 17"
Distributed by: Hock Tyre Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6746 6686
Website: http://www.hocktyre.com/
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