Recommended workshops that offer pre-purchase inspection for used cars in Singapore
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A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is not mandatory but worth the money at the end of the day. Here are some workshops that specialise in specific brands.

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Cars are a costly liability. Even if you're thinking of buying a used car in Singapore, it will take up a considerable amount of financial resource. Furthermore, there's always that uncertainty and risk of buying a used car.

Sure, some services help alleviate the risk, like a used car warranty. But wouldn't it be better to be 100% sure before doing a transfer of ownership?

Here are some specific car inspection workshops in Singapore that specialise in pre-purchase vehicle inspection for varied brands, makes and models.
Continental Cars


Precise Auto Service

Precise Auto also has a pre-owned car department (Precise Auto Trading) specialising in COE cars
Spanning three units at Autobay @ Kaki Bukit, Precise Auto Service offers its Pre-purchase Car Inspection service at $100. Other services include standard car repair and servicing, wheel alignment services, insurance claims, and body repair and panel beating services.

Precise Auto Service ensures that every vehicle undergoes a thorough inspection before it puts anything up for sale. It also provides a six-month engine and gearbox warranty; in the unlikely chance that something was to go wrong, you won't have to pay a cent!

MSP Far East Pte Ltd

Evaluating the condition of a preowned BMW or Porsche requires proper testing equipment and expertise that MSP provides with confidence
MSP Far East Pte Ltd is a BMW and Porsche specialist with the 40-years of the necessary experience to provide you with an accurate assessment of a car's condition.

At just $160, the pre-purchase car inspection and evaluation include, but is not limited to: A complete electronics diagnostic; chassis, frame, and undercarriage inspection; rims, tyres, and brake rotors inspection; bodywork inspection, and a performance evaluation and road test, amongst other assessments.

TT Motorsport Pte Ltd

TT Motorsport Pte Ltd has two outlets conveniently located at Toh Guan and Ubi to cater to Westies and Easties
TT Motorsport Pte Ltd might be known as a BMW and a Porsche specialist, but people do not know that it also offers car inspection for Mercedes-Benz vehicles at an affordable price of only $68!

It offers various servicing packages that use Liqui Moly products, a premium lubricant brand from Germany, for more-than-reasonable prices.

If you own a Porshe or Mercedes and encounter any issues or problems, bringing it to TT Motorsport should be like muscle memory to you.

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Japanese Cars

Toyota & Mazda

Kaizen Motors Pte Ltd

Kaizen comes equipped with computer diagnostic equipment best suited for Japanese, Korean, and Continental vehicles
The pre-purchase vehicle inspection at Kaizen Motors Pte Ltd costs $80. If you have every intention to buy a Toyota or Mazda, this is the place to go.

This workshop offers a wide range of car-related services that include repairs for your undercarriage, engine bay, interior & exterior of the vehicle, accident repair, panel beating, spray painting & third-party insurance claims.

Rest assured, your car (or future car) is in professional and competent hands.

3 Motorwerkz

At $50 for an inspection? That's a deal that's hard to find elsewhere
3 Motorwerkz is a trusted Honda specialist workshop that can handle everything from servicing & maintenance to full race builds for your Honda.

It offers a comprehensive range of services from routine servicing, engine diagnosis, gearbox repairs, and pre-purchase car inspection and checks.

If you are getting a pre-owned Honda car, 3 Motorwerkz is the place to go for your pre-purchase car inspection service.
VAG Cars

KGC Workshop Pte Ltd (Koh Guan Chua Workshop)

Purchase an extended warranty package with KGC Workshop and cover your car for up to 15 years or 260,000km
KGC Workshop Pte Ltd (Koh Guan Chua Workshop) is a one-stop workshop offering numerous services such as body kits, panel beating, servicing and maintenance, and polishing and detailing.

It will leave no stone unturned, and its skilled technicians will use the latest computer diagnostics to inspect and diagnose your vehicle. If there's a problem during the inspection check, the technicians will find it.

KGC Workshop, under its KGC Warranty Programme, will offer customers that purchase either a new or pre-owned car with its insurance coverage. New cars can get up to a full 10-year warranty, while those purchasing pre-owned vehicles can get a warranty for up to 3 years or 75,000km, whichever comes first.

Aston martin & Bentley

British Motor Services

British Motor is the most experienced and well-equipped workshop for supercars in Singapore, if not Asia
British Motor Services Pte Ltd is Singapore's first and only independent British owned and run car workshop. British Motor is a no-brainer for maintenance and repair needs with its unrivalled experience and inside knowledge of supercars.

It sources for only genuine parts imported directly from the UK at incredibly competitive prices, taking away any fear of the cost of ownership and offering a credible alternative to local agents.

The inspection service done by its mechanics is professionally done as most of its mechanics, if not all, have dual work experience at both manufacturers and agents in Singapore.
Ferrari & Maserati

Hong Seh Motors Pte Ltd (Service Centre)

Before signing any document for a pre-owned vehicle, save yourself unnecessary headaches and stress - bring it for a check with Hong Seh
Hong Seh Motors Pte Ltd (Service Centre) is so famous that even world-leading luxury and sports car manufacturers have heard of it. It has furthered its business with the Ferrari distributorship in 1986.

By performing a comprehensive car inspection check, integrated with scanning the vehicle's computer systems for stored fault codes, Hong Seh can find out about the vehicle's status efficiently and effectively.

Identifying these 'hidden repairs' can save you tons of money as they can sometimes be costly, especially if you're buying a Ferrari or a Maserati. Its inspection service covers engine checks, gearbox, suspension system, brake system, tyres and more.

Optima Werkz Pte Ltd

With its car warranty, clients can stop worrying about car problems, which may require potentially expensive repairs and overhauls
As a well-recognised leader in the industry, Optima Werkz Pte Ltd has a strong focus on quality service and a proven track record with its clients. Its McLaren inspection package includes a complete electronics diagnostic, 100-point check with a test drive and detailed checks that cover the car's interior and exterior with a full report for you at the end.

You can opt-in for its warranty program, which covers a variety of common car problems such as the transmission, gearbox and engine ECU.

Precision Motorworks Pte Ltd

A Lamborghini is a beast of a car that requires the right professionals with the right equipment to provide a thorough assessment
When you buy a pre-owned Lamborghini you have to bring it for Precision Motorworks Pte Ltd's Lamborghini Pre-purchase Car Inspection Service. No questions asked. Just do it.

With a pre-purchase inspection at Precision Motorworks, you will get a comprehensive evaluation report if the mechanics detect any flaws or defects. But that's not all! You will also get an independent assessment of the car's condition which allows you to make a more informed buying decision.
Korean cars

Hyundai & Kia

Pro-Jex V2D Auto Pte Ltd

There are few workshops in Singapore that specialise in Korea cars and can produce quality work, and Pro-Jex V2D Auto does both!
Established back in 2005, Pro-Jex V2D Auto Pte Ltd is no newcomer to the ranks of automotive workshops in Singapore. It specialises in car brands such as Kia, Honda, Mitsubishi, and more.

Not only does it keep your car in tip-top condition and get more out of your car when it's time to sell, but it also provides one of the best pre-purchase car inspection services for Korean cars at an affordable price! It's pre-purchase inspection and check service costs $80.
Commercial vehicle

Prem Brothers Engineering & Motor Works

It's no surprise that Prem Brothers is one of sgCarMart's Star Merchants for 'Commercial Vehicle Workshops'
Prem Brothers Engineering & Motor Works has been around for over 25 years. It offers professional pre-purchase car inspection checks in Singapore with excellent staff and very reasonable rates.

The mechanics will advise you accordingly if there's any need for major work to ensure the pre-owned van or truck checks all the boxes before it's safe to drive. You will be notified accordingly for minor faults, and it will give you the freedom to decide how to proceed from there - no surprise fees at the end of the day is a good day.

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*This article was updated on 2 October 2022.

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