Take your car detailing routine even further with these products
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Ready to delve even deeper into the world of car grooming? Here are five more products you should consider adding to your detailing kit!

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The satisfaction you get from a well-detailed car is hard to describe. Seeing your sweat and handiwork transform your ride from grimy to gleaming makes you beam with pride.

It doesn't matter even if you don't get any compliments. What counts is being able to enjoy the results of your efforts (while hoping it doesn't rain).

Now, if you've added items such as clay bars, a compound, wheel cleaner, brushes and proper cloths to your detailing kit, and still think it's incomplete, here are a few more items you can consider.

Glazed over 

Glazes come in different forms, and this one from Auto Finesse is particularly useful - it contains a polish, a glaze and carnauba wax
Sometimes, using a compound and a polish still can't get rid of all the scratches. The especially stubborn ones are annoying. But at the same time, it may not be worth sending your car for a re-spray yet.

One way to fix this issue is with a glaze, which works by filling in scratches. Compounds and polishes, on the other hand, work by removing a thin layer of the clear coat to even it out and 'erase' the scratch.

A glaze may be a cosmetic fix, but if it works, then you can bid goodbye to those scratches. Follow-up with a wax, sealant or ceramic coat, and it'll be a while before these eyesores appear again.

Stronger layers 
It doesn't smell nice, but a properly applied thin coat of this can protect your paintwork for months
Although carnauba waxes give you the 'warmest' shine, they are the least durable when compared to sealants or ceramic coatings.

If you still enjoy waxing your car, but now think that a 'warm' finish is less important than having a stronger layer of protection, consider using a synthetic product such as Soft99 Fusso Coat.

Formulated with fluorine, the wax is claimed to offer up to 12 months of durability against UV rays, rain, dirt and other contaminants.

It supposedly has good hydrophobic properties, too, which should help keep your paintwork cleaner for longer. 

Quick detailer with a kick
Busy car owners who want to 'cheat' by skipping the waxing process can consider a quick detailer infused with wax
Quick detailers are best used between car washes. If your car needs a wipe-down to clear some light dust, water spots or bird bombs, a quick detailer is just what the job calls for.

Formulated with lubricating elements, quick detailers trap dirt so you can wipe it off without scratching your paintwork.

Some brands produce quick detailers that contain a small amount of wax, which is ideal for times when you want to give your car a quick 'top-up'. A wax-infused detailer saves you the additional step of waxing your car after you've wiped it down.

Used regularly enough, it can even reduce the number of times you need to wax your vehicle.

Dark matter 

Faded trim can be restored by applying products like these regularly
You already know that clean wheels and shiny tyres will set your car apart from the others. But to really make it stand out, you need to pay attention to details like the dark plastic trimmings.

Unpainted exterior trimmings, be it the bumper, door surrounds or even number plates (if yours is the white on black kind), eventually begin to fade.

Trim restorers will darken these plastic components and can offer them a degree of protection from both sun and rain. Used religiously, they can keep your trimmings looking like new.

Dashing display 

You can't always avoid unsheltered carparks, but at least you can protect the dashboard and plastic trimmings such as door panels
The counterpart to the exterior trim restorer is the interior trim detailer. They are available from many popular car detailing brands.

Interior trim detailers are formulated to clean while adding UV protection, which helps prevent wear and cracking over time. If your work or residential carpark is a surface one, you'll need this in your kit.

Now, the next thing to research is how much shine a particular brand imparts. If you like your interior plastics to look matte, stay away from products that promote glossy finishes.

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