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Changing tyres isn't as bad and tough as you think it is. Even women can do it!

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When a friend approached me to write this article, I fearlessly accepted without hesitation. The challenge was simple, attempt to change one of his car tyres and live to tell the tale. The only problem? I have never changed a tyre in my entire life! Besides having to deal with the urban legend that women are bad drivers, now I was faced with the task of proving that a woman (me) is capable of skillfully maneuvering a car as well as fixing it up when the tyre goes flat.

My next reaction was one that belonged in the bimbotic realm, I shrieked, "My manicure!" Yes, the typical damsel in distress route. "I just got my nails done and I do not want to ruin them, neither do I want to get down and dirty to change a car tyre!" However, I had already accepted the challenge and I was determined to get through with it with as little complaints as possible. I am going to prove that I am tough as nails (pardon the pun), manicure or not!

To my surprise, changing a car tyre was not half as difficult as I expected it to be. First of all, one would not have to worry about not having the right tools because every car is equipped with the necessary a set of tools. You can find the tools comfortably nesting in the boot of your car along with your spare tyre. After going through the steps with aforementioned friend, I realized that changing a car tyre is really as simple as ABC. If you are a big fan of DIY furniture from Ikea, it is basically the same logic, just follow instructions.

However, if you are the kind of girl who will sooner hike up her skirt to get some male assistance when your vehicle malfunctions, here is my step-up-step guide on how to change your own car tyres. Trust me; it will come in very useful the day you are stranded on the highway. Also, you will be earning brownie points on behalf of women drivers everywhere!

You are cruising down the highway, singing along to the music in the radio and suddenly you realize something's not right with the car. It feels imbalanced; it feels like it is breaking down, you thought you heard a loud splutter. Is it the engine? No, your tyre just went flat. What do you do? Simple. DO NOT PANIC. And move on to step #2.

Upon realizing you have a flat, simply dig deep into your boot for that spare tyre nesting there along with the tools that is going to make the whole process simpler. Kicking and cursing at the flat tyre is not going to work. Trust me. Be sure that among the tools you have gathered you have the a) Car Jack b) Cross Wrench and c) Turning Tool. Now this is when the action begins.

Whip out the cross-wrench and start unscrewing the four bolts that are holding the flat tyre in place. This is the part where it may prove to be a little challenging. The bolts on the tyre are usually screwed on really tight and sheer strength would probably be able to help you out here. If you can't count on your own strength, this is how you do it. Attach the cross-wrench to a bolt and make sure that it fits snugly, proceed to step on the cross wrench and use your entire body weight to loosen the attached bolt. You are probably required to do this at the initial part of unscrewing the bolt. Once you feel the bolt loosen, you can step off the cross-wrench. Repeat for the remaining 3 bolts.

Take a moment to breathe and look at the big picture, the four wheels are firmly on the ground bearing the weight of the car and there is no way you are going to be able to lift the car based on your own strength. Position the jack under a flat beam near the flat tyre. Attach the turning tool to the jack and start turning, the arm movement required to get the jack going closely resembles that when you are pedaling a bicycle. Stop once you have managed to get the entire flat tyre off the ground. Now proceed to remove the loosened bolts.

Once all bolts have been removed, you can carefully remove the tyre from the axel and reattach the spare tyre in its place. Simply screw on the 4 bolts and you have successfully changed your own flat tyre! Now before you hop back into the car and be on your way, remember to lower the jack of the car till the newly replaced wheel is back on the ground, tighten the bolts with the cross wrench using your bodyweight and you are good to go! But remember, the spare tyre is only good to get you to the nearest tyre shop. You must get your flat tyre repaired or replaced soonest possible!

So there you have it, 5 simple steps on how to change your tyre. You would probably be left sweating buckets and having to deal with dirt on your hands and legs, but nothing beats having the opportunity to be able to brag about it to your peers. Besides, which guy does not like a girl who is able to get down and dirty when the opportunity calls for it? So girls, master these 5 steps and show the world what girl power really means.
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