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Motorsports and performance kingpin Garage R has set its sights on conquering the PI market and here's why it has all the right ingredients for success.

07 Jul 2016

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Located in Tagore Drive is an automotive company that's anything but reserved. In fact, the racing specialists known as Garage R, local distributor and HKS Technical Factory Singapore (Japanese aftermarket automotive performance parts and components manufacturer), is a company that's proud of its many achievements - because it's got every right to be.

Pride and heritage

HKS - a tuning marque that's not to be trifled with
If you're into the local motorsports scene, chances are you've heard of Garage R, its products, services and racing feats. If you haven't, now's the time.

Garage R originated humbly as an importer and exporter of performance parts in the early 1990s. Turbocharged by a desire to grow and a raging fanaticism to develop high-performance cars, the company began expanding its operations with a workshop armed with the most advanced and modern diagnostic computers and tools. It also obtained regional distributorship for high-performance tuning brands like HKS, ARC, Okuyama/Carbing, C-West, J's Racing, Nismo, Tanabe, Wedsports, AP Racing, Cosworth and AMS Peformance.

To understand its products and improve on technical knowledge, Garage R also runs its own race team under the Garage R Motor Sports department. In 2008, its Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6 set a drag record - 8.89 seconds at 249km/h from 0-400m - taking the title of fastest stock chassis Evolution in Southeast Asia - something that Director Lester Wong is extremely proud of till this day.

The many years of racing experience has given the company a strong understanding towards vehicular dynamics and technology - the numerous trophies and medals that decorate its showroom is testament to its racing mastery.

When we had the chance to meet with Lester, it's easy to understand why Garage R has done so well in this respect. As he explained how to properly set up a car for track driving and how to tune it for optimal engine performance, it felt as if we were speaking to an expert race car engineer instead.

Garage R also introduced a concept, which emphasised 'Japanese-type' quality workmanship in the local and regional markets. And it goes without saying, this concept made the company a market leader in the import tuning scene.

Filter, filter on the wall, who's got the best flow of them all?
HKS Technical Factory

In 1999, Garage R's commitment to its craft paid off when it secured the exclusive distributorship for HKS.

In 2008, it became the only HKS Technical Factory outside of Japan, going beyond the role of mere importer and distributor but working closely to develop products out of its previous compound at Tagore Industrial Avenue. Garage R's Senior Mechanics undergo training at HKS' facilities in Fujinomiya, central Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan for three months or more.

Today, Garage R's premise consists of a showroom, workshop equipped wth the latest vehicle diagnostic tools, engine room and storage facility measuring 22,100 square-feet, 35,000 square-feet if you include parking space. A total of 10 highly-trained mechanics and several sales and operations staff ensure that the shop runs like a finely-tuned engine daily.
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8 Tagore Drive #01-00 S(787624) (map)

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10am - 7pm (Mon - Fri) 10am - 6pm (Sat)




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