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If you are particular about what you put into your car and only want to give it the best, it is time you tried using the range of motor oils from Motul.

21 Mar 2017

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Think of an engine as the beating heart of your car. Regular servicing and oil changing are perhaps the most important things that you can do to keep it working longer and healthier. For ordinary daily driving, you should follow the manufacturer's recommendations, found either in your service handbook or on the in-car display. If you track your car, it's best to change its engine oil at shorter intervals.

Engines are exposed to extreme conditions during racing; it's essential to use oils that help lubricate and keep them cool
As elementary as this may seem, it's unbelievable how many car owners often neglect oil changes. Engine oil is what keeps your engine lubricated and clean. If you ignore regular oil changes, the oil in your engine can become extremely dirty and cause your car's performance to be dreadfully sluggish. It will also result in serious damage to your engine and finances.

If you, like us car nuts, are particular about what goes into your car and only want to give it the best, it's high time you tried Motul's premium range of engine oils.

What's Motul?

Motul is a French company producing high-performance automotive oils and industrial lubricants for more than 160 years. The company is also known for its heavy involvement in motorsports. 160 years - that's more than a century and a half of uninterrupted activity, which has allowed Motul to constantly modernise itself and climb to the vanguard of technology.

Motul created a stir in 1971 by developing a 100 percent synthetic oil made from esters of vegetal origin, drawing on aeronautical technology. As a tribute to the 300 victories obtained by the brand at that date, this revolutionary lubricant was called '300V'. To demonstrate the validity of this innovation, Motul participated at the highest competition level in Formula One with the team Frank Williams-Motul in 1971.

The 300V Motorsport range gives your engine an unrivalled power increase, outstanding lubrication and optimal protection
Motul enjoys worldwide repute and is unanimously recognised for the quality of its products, capacity to innovate and involvement in the world of competition.

300V - Motorsport Benchmark

To withstand the extreme mechanical stresses in racing and our hot Singapore weather, engine oils must ensure optimal and consistent performances.

As a leading figure in motor racing, Motul develops and validates its lubricants under the most extreme racing conditions and thus takes advantage of the best laboratory results. Apart from its tough race-bred oils, Motul also has a range of oils, fuel cleaners, coolants, brake fluids and transmission lubricants for regular, everyday cars.

Motul's most acclaimed, top-of-the-line product is 300V, a 100 percent synthetic racing oil (based on ESTER Core Technology) with much technical expertise crammed into it. Mechanics at races like the Dakar Rally or 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race run 300V in the competition vehicles they service, and it's the exact same product that you can buy off-the-shelf at your local authorised Motul dealer or service provider.
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