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Unless its COE is renewed, a car in Singapore only lives for 10 years. Here's what you can do and how to go about doing it when your car ends its 10-year life.

05 Apr 2016 | Category: Car Ownership Advice

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The harsh reality of car ownership in Singapore involves paying ridiculous prices for what we love, constantly looking over our shoulders for Land Transport Authority (LTA) enforcement officers, and around the roads for sneaky speed cameras.

But more unpleasantly, Singaporean car owners have to bear the brunt of the LTA's Certificate of Entitlement (COE) vehicle quota system, which forcibly and prematurely ends a car's life on our roads after 10 years, unless its COE is renewed.

If you are, like many others, are bidding goodbye to your four-wheeled companion in the near future, here's a guide to help you through the tough time.

The sad fate of many Singaporean cars after their 10-year 'lease' is due

Engaging the services of a motor dealer

Local motor dealers are able to assist you with the de-registration and disposal of your car. However, according to LTA's recommendations, it's best to approach the CaseTrust-SVTA accredited motor dealers to avoid any unnecessary problems in the process.
Another option is to use sgCarMart's Quotz service. When your car is due for de-registration, sgCarMart Quotz will help you source for quotations from over 100 scrapyards and direct vehicle exporters, simplifying the procedures for you as well.

Dealers like Lake View Credit are well-experienced enough to help you with the de-registration process

Do-It-Yourself options

We feel that sending your little comrade on its final journey is best done yourself and here are your options.

Cars headed for de-registration can be sent to an LTA Appointed Scrapyard, where your car will be de-registered upon acceptance, stored temporarily at an LTA Appointed Export Processing Zone pending export, or exported out of Singapore.

Proof of the de-registered car's disposal must then be sent to LTA.
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