While the BMW 7 Series may just be a facelift, it takes big strides forward to put it easily on par with its competitors. It all starts with how it looks. Big and bold, the 7 Series now has a much stronger front end, thanks to a kidney grille that's 40% larger than before.

As expected from a car in this class, the 7er is supple and comfortable on the road. However, what's most impressive is that despite its size, it's effortlessly easy to place on the road, thanks to its sharp and responsive handling. With strong looks and an easy drive, the updated 7 Series leaves a big impact in a segment where strong impressions most matter.
The current generation BMW 7 Series has received a timely update, and has come out on top once again for the Luxury Sedan segment.

With this facelift, the car comes with a bigger and bolder look. In a class where a car has to have an impact, the 7 Series certainly has what it takes. Exaggerated the kidney grille may be, the 7 Series is more unified in design than any of its peers.

Improved comfort is what the facelifted 7 Series offers. The car now comes with improved sound insulation around the rear wheel arches and has thicker glass windows – all for the purpose of enhanced comfort and a quieter ride.

Adding on to that is an updated interior befitting of the 7er's flagship sedan status. From its Nappa leather seats and the new trimming on the dashboard to the fully digital cluster and infotainment screen, everything in here exudes the refinement and extravagance that is befitting of royalty.

There is also a higher level of sophistication in the way the 7 Series behaves on the road. It is polite and refined, but is capable of turning in keenly with lots of feel and feedback from the steering wheel. Yet, it isn't a hard car to pilot despite its size, and feels nimble and easy to place even in tight spaces.

Plus, with a suite of safety assistance features like Lane Keep Assist, Active Cruise Control and Blind Spot Monitoring, there is no reason to be overwhelmed whilst driving.

With its bold looks, comfortable ride and an easy drive, the 7 Series leaves a big impact in a segment where strong impressions matter the most.