As a lifestyle choice and a fashion accessory, the MINI Cooper S 5-Door is hard to beat, especially in this 60 Years Edition variant. Dressed in green and matched to some sweet Dark Maroon leather seats that feature contrasting green stitching, the Cooper S looks just as fresh as it was when it was launched.

New on this facelifted model is the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox that is matched to a lovely 189bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, giving the MINI a very respectable turn of speed. Elsewhere, the MINI oozes charm everywhere as usual, and offers a characterful alternative to the sea of bland hatchbacks.
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This car is so nice i love its look. It look small but it is powerfull. Love its performance. Actually i dont like small... -  Read More
When BMW took over and redesigned the MINI in the early 2000s, not everyone was sure that it would work. Now, nearly two decades later, the MINI is available with a five-door configuration, putting it into battle with many other well-established rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and recently launched BMW 1 Series Hatchback.

While not as pretty as MINI's three-door variant, the additional doors are a blessing in our market as most buyers will want the extra doors for the convenience. The doors, while small, open up to decently sized 2nd row seats that are able to accommodate full size adults easily.

Being a MINI, it does not disappoint with its driving dynamics. Sitting low, the car relishes turns and navigates them with aplomb. Thanks to nicely weighted and sharp steering, the car feels agile and responsive, with the suspension riding firmly but never crashy.

Credit must also be given to MINI for putting such a large capacity engine into a small car. With the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine putting out a useful 280Nm of torque, the car feels muscular and flexible, and is able to pull with vigour once you get past 2,000rpm. Couple that with the new dual-clutch transmission that shifts seamlessly, and the MINI is a real weapon on the road.

Compared to its other rival in this class, the MINI Cooper S 5-Door is more interesting and more sporty, while still managing to be practical for everyday use. Thus, the car certainly deserves this year's Premium Hatchback award.