This is the first all-new Defender since 1983, and it is no longer just a hardy tool. With clever use of advanced technology, improved refinement and enhanced luxury, it has been catapulted into the current mix of opulent modern-day SUVs.

Don't be fooled by the way it looks - despite the sheer size of the Defender, its steering is precise and the body is surprisingly well-controlled. With 395bhp and 550Nm of torque on tap, it's no slouch as well. Inside, you'll get a cabin that mixes modern luxury form with original rugged functionality - the best of both worlds!
With the popularity of the previous Defender, the all-new iteration has some pretty big shoes to fill. The old Defender was one hardy tool, it was meant to endure all the beatings, conquer mountains and get out of any harsh condition, running on its own power. The new one has to capture the allure of its predecessor and even better it in several other aspects, such as refinement and comfort for everyday driving.

On the exterior, Land Rover has done a great job of modernising the iconic Defender shape. While it still sports the familiar, boxy silhouette, it is also comprised of subtle curves that cleverly freshen up the design without chipping away on its toughness. Elsewhere, iconic Defender designs such as the ‘Alpine lights' roof mounted windows, short overhangs and round headlight elements have been retained.

While hardcore enthusiasts might argue that a rugged and harsh ride is part of what defines a true Defender, the increased levels of refinement and comfort in the interior will surely be welcomed by the modern day driver. Do not, however, take this as a sign that the Defender has softened. While it now drives more like a regular SUV, instead of a hardened off-roader, it remains to be a highly capable off-roader with all the right bits to conquer the less travelled roads.

Despite the sheer size of it, the Defender offers precise steering and a surprisingly well-controlled body. Its 48V mild hybrid 3.0-litre twin-charged in-line six-cylinder petrol ending produces 395bhp and 440Nm of torque to all wheels. Honestly, whether on the tarmac or off it, you probably wouldn't ever find the Defender lacking in power.

If you love the off-road capability and the iconic looks of the previous Defenders, you wouldn't want to miss this modern take on it - you'll still get all the off-roading prowess, along with some 21st century creature comfort.