Car of the Year
Hyundai Ioniq 5 Electric
This Ioniq 5 is the first made-in-Singapore car, and it looks like it came right from the future. Built atop Hyundai's E-GMP electric vehicle dedicated platform, there is ample interior space, augmented by high levels of equipment. With a total of 350Nm of torque to deploy, the Ioniq 5 is brisk on the move, while still offering sufficient ride pliancy. Between charges, you can expect up to 340km of range. With its well-rounded abilities and futuristic design, there's no doubting the appeal of the Ioniq 5.
Special Features
Have got about 6000km on my 58kWh Prestige.Good:- economy (using i-Pedal), getting 13-14kWh/100km translating to more than 400km of range on a full charge- tech: all the safety systems work well enough and can be tuned so as not to be intrusive. The adaptive cruise control and auto steering work very nicely making expressway journeys much more relaxing. Head up display is great to have and adds to safety as you can keep your eyes on the road.- space: really good headroom and legroom for all passengers. Width is also broad so 3 can sit in the 2nd row without issues.- memory seats are very useful for the 2 drivers in my family and the ventilated seats are very nice in hot weather- Bluelink app works well and is useful- remote controlled fwd/backward movement of the car is quite easy to do and very useful for tight parking spaces. You can now get in and out of the car with dignity rather than pirouetting to squeeze into for a car without this feature.- interior materials, design and glass roof are feel luxurious enough for a car of this price range- charging speed is good enough, never found it to be too slow for me- cabin noise is fairly well insulated for a car of this price range- Regen mode options are great and will drivers who like to coast or drivers who like 1-pedal driving will all be happy with the carCould be improved:- suspension could be a little softer for my taste. Tyres have to be run at high psi due to vehicle weight so suspension has to compensate for that too- power is fine for Spore roads, but will need more horsepower for regular trips to Msia (have to get cat B)- software update to allow wireless Android auto and Apple Carplay still pending- boot could have more hooks and cubbies for utility
Made-in-Singapore, and a perfect fit for Singapore. The Ioniq 5 combines space and comfort with strong performance for a Cat A COE car, making it a no brainer for all those looking to get an electric runabout.
Considering the price point for EV, it's either going with Chinese made versions, Tesla or the Ioniq series. This review is based on a month of driving, clocking up more than 1000 km of usage in real world conditions for family of 5 (3 growing up kids)*Range*Firstly, I got a Cat A version with a market range of 380km with one full charge. After 1000 km of driving, my energy consumption is at 14kwh per 100km. With a 58kwh battery, I find the Ioniq 5 can last more than 410km on a full charge. This is possible on eco mode with level 3 regeneration on. Ditching my fuel guzzling SUV, I also found new habits. Now I will find opportunities to recharge my ioniq 5 whenever I can after dropping my kids off for enrichment or there's a public charger near where I shop (which is very convenient). My car rarely drops below 50% charge.*Comfort*This car is huge with lots of room. My eldest who is almost 175cm with long legs describe this as a business class seat compared my previous mid size SUV as economy. There's a lot of features for the Prestige model. Hot SG weather? How about air cooled seats? Or turning on the a/c 5 to cool down before getting into the car? Huge plus. The boot space, though not as big as my old SUV, is still rather spacious. *Negatives* Our public charging infrastructure can still be improved at I found the charger to be offline or down twice in a month period. The long wheel base meant that I'm still getting used to the humongous turning radius that's seemed to be wider than my old SUV. Overall this is a great car for it's price point!
It's made in Singapore, looks stunningly brilliant, and is actually quite a sensible car for everyday errands. It could be everything you're looking for in a car.
It has finally happened. An electric car, our Sgcarmart Car of the Year.

On one hand, this is somewhat inevitable as the industry moves increasingly (and quickly) towards electrification - electric options are growing for the customer, across the breadth of the market segments. But, it is also indicative of the big strides that brands are taking when it comes to EVs, and the rapidly improving products as well.

Which brings us to the Ioniq 5.

In 2023, Hyundai has made a bold statement here in Singapore. The launch of key electric models such as this Ioniq 5 and the Ioniq 6, yes, but also the opening of the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre - where the Ioniq 5 is being assembled, right here in Singapore.

And, it's a car that's made to impress. The distinct, retrofuturistic design is immediately attention-grabbing and conversation-starting, and cuts a distinct figure on the road.

Slide inside the spaceship-esque shell and you are greeted by a spacious and minimalist interior. The dedicated E-GMP platform affords the Ioniq 5 generous amounts of interior space, while equipment levels are also high.

However, what stands out is the build quality. From the sharp graphics to the tactile switchgear, to the good choice of materials and the excellent finish in terms of how everything is put together, the Ioniq 5 exudes a 'expensiveness' that belies its price point.

It is also an EV, so how it performs on the road really matters. Quick enough, comfortable and with a healthy-sized battery, it is capable and sensible for a family SUV. It's not the quickest nor does it have the biggest battery (though there will be variants with both those things), but the Ioniq 5, even in Cat A form, just works. It's an easy to drive, sensible to use, fairly quick to charge electric SUV that will see to the needs of everything typical family.

And that's what it comes down to - the typical family. While some EVs may boast big, attention grabbing numbers (which pricetags to match), the typical driver going electric needs something practical, usable and attainable.

What elevates the Ioniq 5 is its outsized quality. The Ioniq 5 represents both the present and the future. Right now, it's a satisfying family SUV that scores high on functionality and practicality. Looking ahead, it's also a highly capable and fully featured EV that's never dull to drive or sit in. And considering its price point and positioning, it delivers a level of quality and refinement that exceeds expectations.

For those reasons, it is our 2023 Car of the Year. The fact that it is made-in-Singapore? Just one more cherry on the top.